Flat Offers Mobile Tire Repair in San Antonio TX

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Flat is a Mobile Tire Shop offering Mobile Tire Repair and Installation Services.

San Antonio, TX (PRUnderground) September 13th, 2022

Paul Brown came up with his crazy plan just before COVID. Brown was a roadside tire serviceman for years and wanted a better way of serving customers at home who had flat tires in San Antonio, Texas.  So, taking a van he loaded tire equipment inside and made the tire shop mobile.

“It’s crazy that it can take 2 to 3 hours to repair a tire when waiting at a tire shop. I thought to myself, who in the right mind would want to sit in a tire shop? My wife and I have eight children, and I can imagine having to sit there with all our children. Now there is an option for those who want to skip the tire shop.” said Brown.

FLAT was created to service those at home who have, you guessed it, a flat tire. The name FLAT is easy to remember when, you thought it, you have a flat tire.

Flat is a mobile tire shop offering service to private and commercial vehicles. The service is entirely portable; wherever in the area you may be, they will come to you, whether it be at home, work, or in a parking lot. We service cars, suvs, pickups, trailers, campers, RVs, and more.

Flat is an excellent option for stay-at-home mothers, students who work at home, and those who don’t want to wait in a tire shop.

Flat services the San Antonio, Texas, area. We are also looking for a charity to partner with to help with our proceeds.

About Flat

Flat is a mobile tire shop serving customers in the greater San Antonio and Austin Texas area. The service comes to your location at home or work. They offer services such as mobile tire repair, mobile tire installation, and mobile tire balancing.

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