Flat Rate Listing vs using a Full Service Realtor by Lazaro Dinh

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Over the years I have seen the real estate market change due to technology advances, it almost seems like the personal touch you used to get from the full service industry is slowly fading away. One of the most recent changes are in the real estate market and it involves the sale of one of your largest assets.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRUnderground) April 30th, 2019

Once upon a time, there was customer service and people were proud of being the best they could be in their field. From the amazing stewardess I remember to the guy who used to shine my shoes like no one else could. Now here comes the time of technology and another personal touch service is slowly going away. Realtors are professionals that must pass a rigorous course and state exam in order to practice Real Estate and earn a commission. Their job has is slowly being faded away by computers and flat rate listings. Flat rate listing is when a homeowner pays a flat fee to have their property listed in the multiple listing services otherwise known as the MLS where it can reach millions of buyers looking to buy your home. In theory it works great because the cost of acquiring multiple offers is low but once you find a buyer, what do you do?

A real estate contract could be intimidating to most people and there are many ways that seasoned investors/buyers can take advantage of an unrepresented seller if they don’t know what to look for.  Sometimes there is a lot of selling to be done to move a property and everything from pricing to pictures to interpreting the contract has to be supervised and done for the interest of the seller. This type of service is called full Service listing and it is handled by a license realtor that can guide you thru the murky waters of a sales transaction.

Be sure you choose the right service for your experience, there is no advantage in doing a flat rate listing if you don’t get full price and terms for what your property is worth. I have found that an experienced Realtor sometimes finds ways to create a bidding war leading to a higher price and terms for the seller thus making them earn their commission without costing you more.

If you choose to go with a flat listing or full service listing with a licensed Realtor, always make sure you have done your homework and make sure that you chose the service that best meets your experience level so that you get the most for your property. Cheaper is not always better!


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