FlipBuilder’s Magazine Maker Takes the Reading Experience to New Heights

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The inconveniences associated with printed magazines made many publishers turn to digital methods of making digital magazines. One way is transforming static PDFs. FlipBuilder’s magazine maker is a tool that comes to enhance the reading experience of a digital magazine.

Hong Kong, China (PRUnderground) May 11th, 2023

For decades, magazines have been used to share the publishers’ thoughts with their audience. It may be fashion, politics, diet, events, or family counseling. To communicate effectively, users need to vividly express their content to delight their audience. The magazine maker developed by FlipBuilder assists publishers in achieving this. It does so by bringing out more than just the content. It helps create a real-life reading experience where the audience can flip the pages of a digital magazine like in a physical magazine. It also supports publishers to fully customize their digital magazines to bring out their content in a special way.

Creating a magazine may challenge most people – many struggle to decide on the layout, color choice, or theme. The magazine maker has made this easy by introducing a wide range of digital assets. Publishers can easily beautify the reading interface of their magazines by choosing a template, and a background theme and effect. It further assists publishers in branding their digital magazines with a logo to convey the intended message better.

To help publishers make interactive content to engage with their audience, the magazine maker comes with a powerful multimedia editor that allows them to insert various elements to make digital magazines informative and interesting. Publishers can choose to insert online or offline videos, and audio clips to further illustrate their content instead of pilling densely packed text. They are also allowed to add links to redirect readers to a social media post, image, or video that aligns with the story or to lead readers to their websites to drive more traffic if needed.

People nowadays have a variety of digital devices at their fingertips to access information online. Based on this, digital magazines produced by this magazine maker are optimized for reading on tablets, smartphones, and computers. Because of this, audiences can access digital publications anytime, anywhere through the digital devices at hand. Social media platforms are an easy way to reach and interact with people and are an avenue not to be missed by publishers. They are free to share magazines via social platforms like Facebook or publish magazines offline in HTML format.

“Our magazine maker helps enhance the magazine performance by all means and ensure that publishers can cost-effectively reach their target audience without requiring any technical skills,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder.

To have an overview of how the magazine maker works, please visit FlipBuilder.

About FlipBuilder Software Co., Ltd.

FlipBuilder Software Co., Ltd. is a software company that specializes in creating digital publishing software. It aims to help users create digital publications such as magazines, brochures, catalogs, and more with ease. Their software programs are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a range of features that allow users to create professional-looking publications without any coding or design skills. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, FlipBuilder has become a trusted name in digital publishing software.

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