FlipHTML5 Offers Details on How to Make a Manual to Improve Employee Engagement

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Large organizations with different departments can benefit from this guide by creating instruction manuals that employees can use to carry out their designated duties.

Hong Kong (PRUnderground) May 13th, 2020

Manuals help to streamline communication and provide the discipline needed to perform the daily operations of the business in order to maintain excellence. As companies grow, they need operational manuals for their various departmental teams. FlipHTML5 understands this necessity and now provides a guide on how to make a manual in 3 simple steps. The guide can help enterprises run their mission statements and values, set their business standards, train employees, and also state their company policies. Creating manuals with FlipHTML5 saves time and also increases engagement since users have access to interactive multimedia elements.

To start creating manuals, users will need to upload their PDF files on FlipHTML5. Using the pre-designed templates, themes, and backgrounds, they can customize their manuals to the desired brand requirements. FlipHTML5 has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that all users, even those without any design experience, can use. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for them to place elements onto the canvas and modify or adjust them according to their design, or marketing requirements. FlipHTML5 is a platform for all individuals, publishers, marketers, and corporate organizations.

“Manuals are excellent communication tools that offer comfortable reading experiences to the audience,” said Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5. “They can help users track reader activity, behavior, and progress and tailor future manuals based on the analytics. With digital manuals, it is easy to engage audiences by encouraging them to comment or provide feedback directly. This is an excellent way of increasing engagement and conversions.”

Once PDF files have been uploaded and customized, FlipHTML5 will automatically turn them into captivating digital manuals. To increase the manuals’ interactivity and engagement, users can add videos, links, audio, images, graphics, animations, and various other multimedia elements to make them more comprehensible and encourage feedback. Links, for example, can help direct audiences to more detailed information about products or related details linked to the concept.

FlipHTML5 offers users a free intelligent cloud platform for publishing and sharing their digital manuals with different audiences online. The advantage of this platform is that users can update their manuals regularly to ensure that readers have new and updated information at all times. Besides, they can keep older editions in a bookshelf embedded to the cloud platform or their websites so that readers can access them freely whenever they want.

To learn how to make a manual, please visit FlipHTML5’s website.

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