FlipHTML5 Sets up a eBook Publishing Site for Publishers

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The evolution of publishing has led to the prevalence of eBooks. FlipHTML5 fills the need for an eBook publishing site that replaces traditional publishing houses.

Hong Kong, China (PRUnderground) May 10th, 2022

Publishing has evolved significantly over time. Advancements in technology and the convenience of eBooks have them more popular than printed ones. The rise of self-publishing has made much more content available as persons don’t need a publishing house to deem their work worthy of being published. Nowadays, one simply has to produce content and find an eBook publishing site to get their eBook into the public domain. While there are many such sites, FlipHTML5 offers several advantages. It’s not just an eBook publishing site, it allows users to create outstanding eBooks as well.

This eBook publishing site lets content creators start great things at the creation stage. FlipHTML5 converts PDF and MS Office files to feature-rich, page-turning eBooks. The conversion process is automatic – one just has to upload the file. Writers can take advantage of FlipHTML5’s templates, themes, and backgrounds to enhance their eBook’s appearance. And they can modify the toolbar to enable readers to zoom, download, and share the eBook.

eBooks don’t need to be boring – containing only text and images. With this eBook publishing site, writers can add multimedia such as audio, video, GIFs, animations, and hyperlinks to their eBooks. The dynamic online editor makes this simple to do without downloading any software. Writers can also add a clickable table of contents and thumbnails to aid with navigation. Readers will be able to move between pages by tapping the page corners or the next and previous buttons. Pages flip like those in a printed book and even have the same sound effect.

Once a writer is satisfied with their eBook, they can move on to the eBook publishing site. FlipHTML5 is a one-stop-shop. The finished eBook can be uploaded to their cloud for free storage and web hosting. From there, a URL is available for sharing the eBook via email and social media. There’s also an embed code for embedding the eBook on websites, blogs, etc. SEO features are offered that make the eBook easier to find on search engines. The eBook publishing site also has an eCommerce feature where content creators can sell their eBooks without paying any commission.

“The design of FlipHTML5 makes it an ideal eBook publishing site,” says the designer of FlipHTML5, Anna Lee.

To learn more about the eBook publishing site, please visit FlipHTML5.

About FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd.

FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd. is a world leading provider of digital publishing software. For many years, They have focused on the research and development of outstanding range of e-publishing software for users around the world. Furthermore, they offer customized solutions for publishers in different industries.

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