FlipHTML5’s Free eBook Creator Makes eBook Publishing Easy

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A digital format for books is now more popular than the print format. FlipHTML5’s free ebook creator is a handy way for writers to present their content digitally.

Hong Kong, China (PRUnderground) September 13th, 2022

Reading is an age-old pastime, not to mention a valuable source of learning. Nowadays, books are available in digital format as technology increases and the world becomes more digital. Authors and content creators have to move with the times and present their work in digital format if they want to keep the attention of their target audiences. A free ebook creator is an ideal tool for writers to use. FlipHTML5 is a brilliant free ebook creator with advanced features for creating captivating publications.

According to CEO of FlipHTML5, Winston Zhang, “Our free ebook creator is top-of-the-line, one of the best available.”

PDFs used to be the norm in digital books. But their static nature makes them unappealing to a generation that is fascinated with videos and animation. FlipHTML5 solves this problem by turning PDFs into vibrant, media-rich flipbooks. The free ebook creator automatically converts uploaded PDF files to HTML5 format books with page-turning sound and effects. It also offers premade templates and beautiful themes and backgrounds to enhance the appearance of digital books.

To appeal to the tastes of the modern generation of readers, this free ebook creator features a powerful online multimedia editor. Writers can embed images, videos (including YouTube and Vimeo videos), audio, animations, hyperlinks, and other multimedia in their books. All this can be done entirely online without having to download the desktop app.

The free ebook creator from FlipHTML5 doubles as a publishing platform. Content creators can upload their finished books to the FlipHTML5 cloud for free storage and web hosting. A virtual bookcase is available to store and present multiple publications. Writers from around the world use the free ebook creator and store their books on its cloud, making it a rich source of information. Writers can also sell their books commission-free on FlipHTML5 and readers can subscribe to their favorite writers and receive notifications about updates and new content.

A free ebook creator makes it easy for readers to access their favorite books. FlipHTML5 optimizes flipbooks for viewing on different-sized screens so readers can use tablets, phones, and computers to enjoy their books. Writers can share their books quickly and easily using a URL or QR code and embed them on blogs and websites with user-friendly embed code.

Learn more about the free ebook creator on FlipHTML5.

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