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Florida content marketing agency HoffsTech Creative Group launches services for technology companies

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Content marketing is the way to go when it comes to growing awareness of your business. It’s important to have engaging content that makes customers connect with your product or services.

Orlando, FL (PRUnderground) February 23rd, 2023

In a world with unlimited access to information and content it’s crucial for a business to be able to engage their target audience effectively. Using effective content marketing and brand awareness can help a business stand out to current and future customers. HoffsTech Creative Group is an expert in this area of business and helps their clients get increased sales and website traffic by providing engaging content.

Content marketing can be displayed in different forms including audio, video, and written. It’s something every business needs to be thinking about as they look to grow in a digital world. Utilizing content marketing can help with increasing customer reach and growing brand awareness.

According to an article by Inc., one of the ten benefits for a business utilizing content marketing is having more quality content on their site when people visit. That’s why the team at HoffsTech Creative is dedicated to writing engaging blogs and social media posts that a businesses target audience will relate to.

Most businesses are consistently looking for ways to get new customers and reach people who have not heard of them. According to Inc., content marketing is great for lead generation because it can help your site appear more in search engines like google. If a business has quality content and uses key words that their target audience searches for, it’s more likely they will rank well in search engines. HoffsTech Creative can help make sure their clients’ content ranks higher on YouTube and in search engines. Video content is also necessary in today’s day and age with TikTok and Instagram reels becoming popular.

New digital privacy laws, such as the GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, are fundamentally transforming marketing and advertising and making it more challenging. However, every industry can still benefit from content marketing.

“Our goal is to ensure that a business has the content that their customers will resonate with, “ said Shelley Benhoff, the founder and co-owner of HoffsTech. “We don’t just want to create content, we also want to make sure it’s visible and brings in more business for our clients.” Content marketing is what’s in for marketing at the moment and all businesses should be looking at how they can use it to assist in the achievement of their goals.

HoffsTech Creative specializes in technology related businesses and offers free consultations to talk about ways a business can get started on their content marketing plan and what the key things to optimize are.


HoffsTech was founded in 2015 in Central Florida.

They are led by people who have over 25 years of technology and content marketing experience. Founder Shelley Benhoff is a tech influencer, author, and speaker with over 500K on YouTube and 11k followers on Twitter. She has spoken at numerous tech conferences and she is a thought leader in tech, leadership, and personal branding. HoffsTech Creative Group works with companies on social media management, creation of written and video content, and optimizing their clients’ results in search engines.

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