Florida Probate Lawyer Carrie Felice Joins Elder Needs Law, A Top-Rated Estate Planning Firm

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Estate planning and probate firm Elder Needs Law is pleased to announce that Attorney Carrie Felice is the new Chair of the Probate Department for Elder Needs Law, PLLC

Miami, FL (PRUnderground) March 16th, 2022

Estate planning and probate firm Elder Needs Law is pleased to announce that Attorney Carrie Felice is the new Chair of the Probate Department for Elder Needs Law, PLLC.

“With five offices across South Florida, we are still expanding in order to help our fellow Floridians with their estate and probate matters,” says Jason Neufeld, managing partner of Elder Needs Law.

“With Ms. Felice joining our team, we are now in a position to help clients with their probate matters throughout the state of Florida.”

Carrie has more than 16 years of experience as a practicing attorney with a focus on probate, throughout Florida.

In her probate practice, Carrie is able to help clients navigate the legal difficulties of losing a loved one by assisting in the administration of their probate estate.

Carrie is a member of the Hernando County Bar Association, Attorney’s Title Fund, and is an Affiliate Business Partner of the Hernando County Association of Realtors. She is also a member of the Real Property Probate and Trust Law section of the Florida Bar.

“Having worked in the probate space for so many years, I’ve seen the devastation and problems that surface for families without the right estate plan or legal help in place,” says Attorney Carrie Felice. “It’s my purpose and our goal as a firm to help families and their loved ones go through the probate process with as little stress as possible. We understand how difficult something like this is and it’s our goal to hold our client’s hands through the process and get them the best outcome possible.”

Before joining Elder Needs Law, Carrie worked for a well-respected private firm on Florida’s west coast.

Carrie also previously served as the City Attorney to the City of Crystal River, Florida as well as a Senior Attorney for the Southwest Florida Water Management District from 2006-2014.

Carrie Felice graduated from Henderson State University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration and from Regent University in 2003 with a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy. She graduated from Regent University School of Law in 2005.

Ms. Felice was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2005, the Arkansas Bar in 2011, and the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida in 2013.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process courts use to determine how a person’s property will be distributed upon their death, in accordance with intestate succession laws.

The purpose of probate is to:

  • Verify that the deceased person’s will is valid;
  • Identify what assets the deceased person owned;
  • Appraise the value of the assets and property;
  • Pay the deceased person’s remaining debts and taxes; and
  • Distribute any assets or property to the right beneficiaries

Each state has a process for deciding “who gets what” should a person pass without a living will or revocable trust.

In the absence of these two legal documents, it is up to a judge to decide (based on intestate laws) how the assets of the deceased party will be distributed to the proper beneficiaries or next of kin.

Ultimately, what this means is a lengthy (and costly) court process that typically requires an attorney and almost always results in the remaining family fighting over who is the rightful beneficiary.

How Much Does Probate Cost?

When you read the word “estate” it’s easy to conjure up images of mansions and palatial homes. Let’s face it, even a $400,000 “estate” is little more than a home (or condo, depending on where you live), some money in the bank, and a car.

The average cost of probate is set by statute and is usually 3%. So, you’re looking at $12,000 in probate fees if you unexpectedly die without having an estate plan — and that’s just if you own your home and don’t take the bus to work.

However, our probate attorneys can provide a discount off of the standard rates for most estates.

Why an Estate Plan is Important

An estate plan is a living document that can change with each stage of your life in order to protect your family, your loved ones, and your assets in the best way possible.

“Creating an estate plan is deciding now what will come later,” says Attorney Jason Neufeld. “No matter what, the unexpected happens in life. An estate plan helps you anticipate the needs of your family after you’re gone and allows you to make decisions on what you want to happen should you be incapacitated. This means you are the one making the decision — not the courts or another family member.

“At Elder Needs Law, expanding our probate practice across the entire state is part of our larger mission to help people make the best decisions they can for themselves and their families. This is a big reason why we have also begun offering life insurance, medicare advantage, medicare supplements, and prepaid burial insurance as an option with our estate planning services.”

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About Elder Needs Law

Elder Needs Law, PLLC is a Florida law firm specializing in the unique legal needs of elders. Medicaid planning, estate planning, guardianship, probate, elder law, and asset protection are some of the main areas in which Elder Needs Law can assist their clients. For more information on how they can help you or your loved ones, you can visit their website.

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