Flying Ear Plugs Reduce Fatigue and Prevent Jet Lag on Long Flights

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Wearing flying earplugs during long flights can dramatically reduce irritating cabin noise and so aid rest and relaxation, prevent jet lag and reduce fatigue

UK (PRUnderground) June 15th, 2012

Jet lag is tiredness, disorientation, headaches, digestive upset and general malaise caused by crossing time zones on long flights.  Other factors contribute, including uncomfortable seats, altered diet, flying at night, dehydration and noise.  Aircraft cabins can be very noisy places. Thankfully the noise of the engines is blocked out using microphones on the wings which play the sound back in the cabin with a tiny time delay which cancels out the sound;  this can reduce fatigue and prevent jet lag but you’re still left with the roar of the air conditioning, the man in the seat behind you laughing uncontrollably at ‘The Simpsons’ and the clinking of bottles of gin going past on the duty-free trolley.

According to a Flight Safety Foundation document by Stanley R. Mohler ‘High noise levels on ramps and in flight can contribute to fatigue’.  The paper was written with reference to pilots on long flights but clearly also applies to passengers who are exposed to similar conditions. It is widely accepted and well documented that exposure to noise contributes significantly to the problem and can be eased by wearing flying earplugs.  Keeping noise and vibration from your ears with a good pair of flying ear plugs can help prevent jet lag and reduce fatigue by helping you get some rest.

The constant white noise present in aircraft cabins can have an agitating effect on long flights; blocking it can help you rest and reduce fatigue.  Flying earplugs need to comfortable and effective; if you regularly fly long haul it is worth considering using moulded ear plugs to prevent jet lag as these are more comfortable and last longer.  Choose colourful flying earplugs so they are easier to find when you inevitably drop them on the floor and they roll under the seat in front of you.  Unfortunately earplugs won’t stop the lady next to you elbowing you and knocking your gin and tonic all over your trousers.



About ZenPlugs

One day in 2009 Dr Toby Bateson was fed up because his rubber stethoscope earpieces had split and fallen off again. In a flash of inspiration whilst in A and E Majors he realised he could make his own from some special plastic he had at home. After work he went out to his shed and gave it a go; it worked first time; in only a few minutes he\\\\\\’d made himself a great pair of earpieces, far more comfortable and long-lasting than his old ones. He could make them any colour he liked, rather than having to put up with boring old grey. It soon became obvious that the same technique could be used to make earplugs and earpieces for electronic audio equipment.

He was so happy with his new earpieces he decided to start a company to develop, manufacture and market his invention. The company started life as VariFone and had it\\\\\\’s name changed to ZenPlugs in 2010.

Based in Truro, Cornwall we source materials, services and expertise locally and export internationally. We pride ourselves on quality, innovation and customer service and hope our customers love what we do as much as we do.

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