Folding Electric Bike Comparison: Gocycle G4 and HiPEAK ELIAS, Which One Is More Practical?

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This article selects the two products on the market, Gocycle G4 and HiPEAK ELIAS, for a comparative evaluation to see which of these two folding e-bikes is more practical.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 15th, 2023

In the United States, electric bikes have become extremely popular in recent years, even forming a unique electric bike culture. This has made the United States one of the largest markets for adult electric bicycles in the world, with many brands and models that have not been seen before.

Although the designs and features of electric bicycles from various brands are diverse and unique, bicycles are ultimately tools that serve humanity, and practicality is always an important factor in measuring their value. Therefore, this article selects the two hottest products on the market, Gocycle G4 and HiPEAK ELIAS, for a comparative evaluation to see which of these two folding electric bikes is more practical!

Product introduction

Gocycle G4 is a high-end folding electric bike launched by the famous British electric bike brand, Gocycle. It features unique exterior design and high-performance electric systems, making it one of the most eye-catching products on the market. Its frame is made of high-quality carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, weighing only 38.8 pounds and can be quickly folded into a compact package for easy carrying and storage.

HiPEAK ELIAS is the latest electric folding bike launched by the established electric bike company HiPEAK, which has 15 years of history. It features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, portable folding design, and high-performance electric system. The bike uses a 750W brushless motor and a removable 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery, with a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour and a maximum single-charge range of 60 miles. At the same time, it has become the most cost-effective electric fat tire bike on the market, thanks to its competitive price.

Here is a table of the product specifications for Gocycle G4 and HiPEAK ELIAS:

Brand                                                        Gocycle G4                          HiPEAK ELIAS

Price                                        £2,832.50                                    $1299

Battery                       36V 8.1Ah built-in battery   48V, 15Ah removable lithium-ion battery

Max range                       40 miles per charge                    60 miles per charge

Motor                            500W front hub motor                 750W rear hub motor

Max load-capacity                  220 pounds                               350 pounds

Tire                                        20″ x 2.25″ tires                    20″ X 4″ fat tires

Brake                                 Hydraulic dis brake              Mechanical dis brake

Step-Thru Model                          No                                           Yes

Bike weight                              38.8 pounds                             61 pounds

Light                                          LED light                           Integrated light

Display screen                  LED display screen                              NO

Main parameter and practicality comparison

Obviously, there are significant differences in the technical specifications of the two folding electric bicycles, which results in very different user experiences for the two models. Below, we will analyze and compare the practicality of Gocycle G4 and HiPEAK ELIAS in several aspects closely related to people’s daily riding.

Power system testing

Hill-climbing ability is one of the most important criteria for measuring the performance of electric bicycles, because even in the city, there are hills and other road surfaces. The motor power is the determining factor for the hill-climbing ability of folding electric bicycles.

In terms of motor power, Gocycle G4 is 500W, while HiPEAK ELIAS is 750W, indicating that ELIAS has much more powerful performance than Gocycle G4. To further demonstrate this point, we conducted two tests on Gocycle G4 and HiPEAK ELIAS respectively, on a city asphalt road with an average slope of 12° and a length of one-third of a mile. The first test was conducted using only the throttle, and the second test was conducted using pedal assist. The results of the test were consistent with the previous statement: Gocycle G4 could not pass the hill using only the throttle. However, by adjusting the electric assist to the maximum while pedaling, it was able to pass. HiPEAK ELIAS easily passed both tests.

It’s no doubt that HiPEAK ELIAS is stronger than Gocycle G4 in terms of climbing. Although the 500W motor of G4 is sufficient to handle most steep slopes in urban areas, ELIAS is undoubtedly a wiser choice if you go beyond the city.

It is also worth noting that the motor positions of the two models are different – Gocycle G4 is installed in the front wheel hub, while HiPEAK ELIAS is in the more common rear wheel hub. Of course, each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the front-wheel drive has a simple structure and low cost, but it can easily cause insufficient steering (it cannot turn corners at high speeds). The power output of the rear-wheel drive is more direct than that of the front-wheel drive, but it can easily cause excessive steering (fast cornering can cause drifting).

Tire testing

The two most important factors that affect the passability of electric folding bicycles are power and tires. The power systems of HiPEAK ELIAS and Gocycle G4 have been compared earlier, and now their tires will be mainly tested.

In terms of tire size, the G4 has 20″ x 2.25″ tires, while the ELIAS has fat tires of 20″ x 4″. In fact, the difference between the two bicycle tires can be easily seen from their appearance — the tires of HiPEAK ELIAS are obviously wider and thicker. The advantages of fat tires are also a well-known topic, such as providing more traction, a more stable balance, and better anti-skid performance for bicycles with fat tires. This is also the reason why more than 90% of adult electric bicycles on the market currently use fat tires.

The test location for HiPEAK ELIAS and Gocycle G4 was chosen to be a one-mile stretch of ground covered with soil, sand, and dead branches. Considering the rough road conditions and the inadequate power of Gocycle G4, both bikes were tested using electric assist mode.

First up was the ELIAS, which almost smoothly passed the entire distance thanks to its fat tires and deeper tire tread. Although it experienced a few big bumps along the way, overall performance was satisfactory.

Next was the Gocycle G4, with its narrower tire size and almost semi-slick tire tread. This type of tire has very good handling, but its stability is not as good as the fat tires of the ELIAS, and it is a bit prone to air leakage. Unfortunately, during this test, the G4 encountered this problem – at a distance of about two-thirds of a mile, the tire of the Gocycle G4 was punctured by a hard small stone on the road surface. The tire is very light and thin, which may be the main reason for the air leakage. However, it was fortunate that the single-sided front fork and rear swing arm of this bike made it very easy to fix the flat tire without having to remove the wheel. The punctured spot was repaired and the bike could continue to operate.

Range and usage

When it comes to the range of electric bikes, their batteries can not be overlooked. HiPEAK ELIAS is equipped with a 48V, 15Ah removable lithium-ion battery, while Gocycle G4 has a 36V 8.1Ah, resulting that there are a big difference in range – 60 miles for the former and just 40 miles for the latter.

Of course, for most urban commuters, 40 miles seems to be enough for them. But for those who want do more activities on weekend, ELIAS’s 60 miles range is definitely more practical.

Bike design and load capacity

The Gocycle G4 was designed by former McLaren F1 car designer Richard Thorpe. It must be admitted that unique appearance make G4 stand out from the other electric bike models. The overall design style is very simple, and power system such as batteries and chains are hidden. Compared to that, HiPEAK ELIAS has a more genetic look. However, it should be noted that the body of ELIAS is Step Through design, while G4 is Step Over design. Therefore, the ELIAS will be suitable for a wider range of people.

In terms of the bike material, HiPEAK ELIAS uses aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of durability and lightness, and its overall weight is 61 lbs. Gocycle G4 uses some carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, plus smaller battery motor and other components, its weight is only 38.8 lbs. Therefore, in terms of portability, Gocycle G4 exceeds HiPEAK ELIAS to some extent.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, an electric bike is a tool in the service of the humanity. So, load capacity is a prominent factor that should be considered when purchasing.

Firstly, in terms of cargo space, the HiPEAK ELIAS comes equipped with a standard rear cargo rack at the factory, allowing for errands and shopping with the bike directly upon receipt. On the other hand, the Gocycle G4 has almost no storage space, and users may need to purchase additional baskets at an extra cost. Secondly, in terms of weight capacity, the HiPEAK ELIAS can carry up to 350 pounds, while the Gocycle G4 can only handle 220 pounds. Undoubtedly, the ELIAS can provide more assistance to people in their daily lives.


Overall, the Gocycle G4 and the HiPEAK ELIAS are both excellent folding electric bike products, but their audience targeting is clearly different. The G4 utilizes more advanced features and technologies, such as carbon fiber material, smartphone app operation, front and rear hydraulic discs. The ELIAS has strong practicality, such as powerful motor system, ultra-long range, versatile applications, and top-notch load capacity, etc.

Finally, considering the price of the two electric bikes – the Gocycle G4 is priced as high as £2,832.50 (approximately $3,549.4), while the HiPEAK ELIAS is only $1299. Therefore, the G4 is more suitable for wealthy enthusiasts of electric folding bikes who only ride in the city, while the ELIAS is suitable for ordinary Americans with more commuting needs.


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