Folding Electric Bike Review: How is HiPeak Elias Superior to Blix Vika+

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The pros and cons of HiPeak Elias and Blix Vika+ electric fat tire bikes and the differences between them will be introduced in this article.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) April 19th, 2023

The e-bike market is getting hotter and hotter, with more and more brands introducing various new models to meet people’s needs. HiPeak Elias and Blix Vika+ are two products that have been getting a lot of attention lately. Although they both have folding design and electric power assist function, there are some differences in actual use.

After nearly a month of evaluation and use, we found that HiPeak Elias is better than Blix Vika+ in all aspects, including performance and price. Next, we will detail the pros and cons of these two electric fat tire bikes and the differences between them. After reading this, we believe you will agree with us.

Hipeak and Blix

There is no doubt that Hipeak and Blix are both excellent electric bike companies. Founded in 2014, Blix is one of the newest e-bike brands in the U.S. and has had some success with the great design and quality of its models. In contrast, HiPeak has been in the adult e-bike segment for a much longer time, 15 years now, and is loved for its extremely cost-effective products. What’s more, HiPeak has been committed to building its own research and development center and manufacturing plant as a way to control the quality of every product manufacturing process. As a result, every HiPeak Fat Tire e-bike delivered to customers is guaranteed to last a long time.

The HiPeak Elias and the Blix Vika+ are the latest representatives of these two companies’ line of step-though folding e-bikes and are on many potential users’ short lists. Before we officially detail these two models, let’s briefly break down what you might expect to find on the handlebar label.

Brand                                           HiPEAK ELIAS                                        Blix Vika+

Price                                                    $1299                                                     $1699

Motor                                       750W brushless motor                             500W rear hub motor

Battery                  Removable 48V 15Ah lithium battery        Removable 48V 13Ah lithium battery

Max range                                   60 miles per charge                                  45 miles per charge

Max load capacity                         350 pounds                                               270 pounds

Tire                                              20″ X 4″ Tires                                            20” x 2.4” Tires

Electric assist level                           7 level                                                      5 level

Disc brake                              Mechanical disc brake                                  Mechanical dis brake

Step-Thru Model                                 Yes                                                          Yes

Light                                  LED lights with brake indicator function                LED lights with brake indicator function

Display screen                    LCD multifunctional display                    LCD multifunctional display


HiPeak Elias superior to Blix Vika+ part

It is clear that HiPeak Elias outperforms Blix Vika+ in many aspects. By analyzing these key data, the reason why HiPeak Elias outperform Blix Vika+ will become clearer.

Motor power

In fact, In fact, the Blix Vika+ is equipped with a 500W power motor that is standard on most folding e-bikes. It is perfectly adequate for everyday use such as commuting and running errands.

The HiPeak Elias’ 750W motor is standard on many mountain e-bikes, which is certainly more tempting for those who live in hilly areas or like to ride outdoors. After all, no one can say no to an electric fat tire bike with a powerful motor.

So, in this part of the comparison, it’s not that the Blix Vika+ is too weak, but that the HiPeak Elias is too strong.

Battery capacity

Technically speaking, neither the HiPeak Elias nor the Blix Vika+ has a small battery capacity compared to many other electric folding bikes on the market. But obviously, HiPeak Elias is even better, as it has a 48V, 15Ah battery, while Vika+ has a 48V, 13Ah battery.

The most direct impact of the large capacity battery is the long battery life. According to official figures, HiPeak Elias can provide a range of about 60 miles. The Blix Vika+ also has a range of 45 miles at the passing line. Of course, the range of both bikes in actual use may be affected by a variety of factors, such as speed, road conditions, gradient, and riding style.

Another benefit of the larger battery is the longer battery life. It is well known that the number of cycles a battery is charged and its life span are negatively correlated. And a smaller battery means more frequent recharging. So naturally, the HiPeak Elias battery will last longer than the Blix Vika+ under the same conditions.

Tire size

The Blix Vika+’s 20″ x 2.4″ tires are clearly a bit out of place in the current bicycle industry. Compared to HiPeak Elias’ 20″ x 4″ fat tires, the Blix Vika+ has a smaller contact area with the ground, resulting in a greater lack of traction and riding comfort.

One of the more important benefits of wider and thicker fat tires is better puncture resistance. Judging from their official promotions, the two folding e-bikes are not positioned as tarmac-only bikes. If it’s time to go camping or RVing outside of the city, the HiPeak Elias definitely gives the rider better safety protection than the Blix Vika+ when faced with the threat of debris, broken glass, and other sharp objects.

Maximum load capacity

Many novices tend to overlook this part of the function when buying an adult e-bike. In fact, a larger load capacity can greatly enhance the convenience of people’s lives. Imagine how sad it is to ride to the grocery store and not be able to carry your purchases home on a bicycle – the HiPeak Elias’ maximum load capacity of 350 pounds eliminates this worry. Although the Blix Vika+ also has an industry average load of 270 pounds, it is still inferior to the Elias’ 350 pounds.

Assist level

For those who like e-bikes, this is a feature that has to be mentioned. The pedal assist feature can go a long way in helping riders to ride longer distances more easily and with less fatigue and discomfort. And it can provide extra power to make it easier for riders to surpass some challenges such as steep hills or wind resistance.

The assist level then allows riders to switch riding modes at any time according to their needs, so they can better cope with different road conditions and riding scenarios. Obviously, HiPeak Elias’ 7 power levels are much better than Blix Vika+’s 5 power levels.

Website price

Yes, for most people, the price is always the most anticipated and exciting part. According to the general principle of “you get what you pay for”, HiPeak Elias must be more expensive than Blix Vika+. But in fact, HiPeak Elias is $400 cheaper than Blix Vika+.

Many people may have seen the prices of these two models in the previous list, but that’s not enough. According to the activity plan on HiPeak’s website, you can also enjoy a discount of $150 for a single one and $350 for two if you buy them now. This means that HiPeak Elias is better than the Blix Vika in terms of performance while still being $ 550 or more cheaper than the Blix Vika.

The parts of Blix Vika+ that are relatively better than HiPeak Elias

Of course, even with HiPeak Elias’ dominance, Blix Vika+ is not useless. In some non-critical aspects, Blix Vika+ also has some advantages over HiPeak Elias.

Color choose

In terms of color scheme, Vika+ makes a strong comeback to Elias. The former is available in four colors: red, green, white and blue. In contrast, the Elias is available in yellow, white and gray-blue. Both folding e-bikes are more youthful and energetic in terms of color style. Therefore, the choice of color is entirely dependent on the user’s personal preference.

Bike weight

As mentioned earlier, the HiPeak Elias has a more powerful motor, larger capacity battery and thicker tires. The cost of this is an increase in body weight – 61 pounds for the HiPeak Elias and 55 pounds for the Blix Vika+. So in terms of lightness, the Vika+ is undoubtedly better than the Elias. But overall, the HiPeak Elias at 61 pounds is still lighter than most electric fat-tire bikes, and with its foldable design, it’s easy to bring it indoors or put it in the trunk of your car.


In summary, while the Blix Vika+ is good enough in the folding e-bike arena, the HiPeak Elias still achieves an almost all-around beatdown of it. If you need a folding fat tire e-bike, or are struggling to choose which one to put on your shortlist. Then, obviously, HiPeak Elias is definitely one of the most correct choices in your life!


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