Four Distinctive Pest Control Methods To Fend Off Tenacious Pests, Shares Hitman Exterminators, Saskatoon

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Saskatoon, Canada (PRUnderground) February 25th, 2023

Pests are annoying! Be it a home, business, or garage, they will wreak havoc on your property – they simply invade your space and are destructive. It can be quite challenging to deal with pests, be it insects, rodents, or pigeons. So what to do with them?

Are there any measures to have control over them? Only an expert can answer this!

We reached out to Hitman Exterminators, a 2023 ThreeBestRated® award-winning pest control company from Saskatoon, SK, to explain the four distinctive pest control methods to control the pest. And, the firm feels privileged to share its knowledge with you.

  • Preventive Measures Program: Preventive measures program, in short PMP, is the first and perhaps foremost method in pest control. This method focuses on controlling the property’s environment. Preventing the pests from gaining entry by caulking and sealing any and all points of entrance. Making certain that doors have proper weather stripping and door sweeps. Caulking around mechanical entry points such as gas, electrical, and cable lines coming into the property. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • Integrated Pest Management: IPM is the method to approach the pest with the most effective and least-risk options. It provides effective outcomes as it focuses on long-term prevention/solutions and uses various management approaches together. It uses approaches such as forecasting, pest trapping, monitoring, cultural controls, biological controls, chemical controls, record keeping, etc., making the treatment cost-effective.
  • Biological Method: An often requested method, as it is eco-friendly, and can be incorporated into the IPM method. Rather than using synthetic insecticides or pesticides. Some treatments are applicable to the use of Organic Insecticides. These products have been developed for the industry by using natural ingredients such as pyrethrins derived from Chrysanthemum flowers. Neem Oil is extracted from Neem trees and animal tallow. This combination makes Insecticidal Soap. This product can be used to control insects in the home, the garden, and on most trees.
  • Mechanical Method: Mechanical methods includes the use of traps, baits (secured in tamper-proof bait stations), glue boards, sprays, vacuums, and so on to kill the pests and make the environment unsuitable for them to breed/live. For instance, when it comes to pigeons, exterminators use netting or spike strips, or even mobile deterrents. These devices cause disruption leaving the environment unsuitable for them.

These methods will be cost-effective and lay a blanket of relief on you – explains the firm.

What Makes The Hitman Exterminators The Best?

Hitman Exterminators is local and family-owned and operated by Jason Hiltz. Having worked in the field of horticulture, Jason has 25 years of experience specifically in pest management which enables him to provide a great deal of services in a timely manner. Following his father’s teachings – “the most valuable asset to any business is its customers”, Jason strives to make his customers satisfied and happy. There are three main principles that Jason applies to the company’s rules. One, being accountable for your actions; Two, taking pride in your workmanship; Three, treating all of our clients with dignity. Sticking to these simple principles has made the company successful.

The firm never fails to provide complete knowledge about what, why, and how they are doing. This provides our customers with the knowledge that the job is in the safest hands. As the firm consists of licensed and trained technicians, they exhibit 100% professionalism in the job they do. They use the most up-to-date equipment ranging from Micronics Atomizers, and Aerosol Foggers to High Compression sprayers, and backpack sprayers. This enables them to eliminate pests even from the nook and corner of your home, backyard, business, etc… “Our tools for the job not only meet industry standards, but we also supersede them” – exclaims the firm.

Hitman Exterminators has recently cracked the 50-Points Inspection of ThreeBestRated® for the sixth time to receive the prestigious ThreeBestRated® award for being a top pest control company. On winning the award, the firm says, “ThreeBestRated® unbiased review of businesses is a fantastic tool for folks seeking out services and equally valuable for the businesses that rank as the Top Three!”.

They offer services to both the retail & commercial sectors and residential & multi-dwelling residents including Integrated Pest Management. In addition, they undertake tree and lawn care services also. Be it 200 sq. ft or 2,000,000 sq. ft, they are able to treat it. To get their assistance in keeping your home a pest-free, contact them here:

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