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McAllen, TX (PRUnderground) March 15th, 2023

The medical field is always a sensitive field as one’s small mistake is capable of affecting the lives of others. Any medical professional is taught about the seriousness of the issue throughout their education and career. Still, there are errors occurring with or without the knowledge of the concerned medical professional. The victim is vulnerable to the effects of the error depending on its degree. The 2023 ThreeBestRated® medical malpractice lawyer from McAllen — Louis Patino — Patino Law Firm says negligence resulting in serious injuries by their medical professionals should be evaluated by an experienced attorney to determine whether a lawsuit is warranted. As a part of this, He has explained four important reasons that are eligible to claim for misdiagnosis. They are,

Breach: As we all know, Breach is failing to practice reasonable care in the procedure which in turn caused harm to the patient. This is mostly due to the negligence of the health care provider. to prove a breach you will have to show that a responsible health care provider would have completed the process without error.

Duty To Care: This is simply an obligation from the side of the health care provider to take care of the victim in all terms including finance and assistance. The offender has to provide the duty to care for the victim. This can be a strong reason to ask for a claim.

Causation: The effect of the claim is directly proportional to the harm caused by the error of the health care provider. the stronger you prove your damage, the stronger the claim would be.

Damages:  Consist of many components of a negligence claim.  Some of the key components include: pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of earnings, loss of family interactions, past and future medical care are some examples.

Next comes the important paperwork which plays a key role in the lawsuit. Every sentence in the documents should be crystal clear and represent your pain and suffering. This includes all types of evidence from your side to prove the error of the medical provider. Some of the important details to be included are as follows,

  • Gathering of your complete medical records.
  • Any witnesses that are involved with your care.
  • A complete account of how your daily life activities have declined following the negligence.

You need an experienced attorney on your side to help you navigate through the complexities of a lawsuit. Dr. Louis Patino of the Patino Law Firm has had nearly 15 years as a physician before becoming a personal injury attorney. The combined medical and legal training enhances the success of your lawsuit. The Patino Law Firm is available 24/7/365 days to answer your questions. schedule your free consultation at

Performance Of Louis Patino — Patino Law Firm

The Patino Law Firm is well known throughout the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and has branches in San Antonio as well. Dr. Louis Patino founded the firm to help the people who deserve justice. He has decades of experience in both medical and legal fields that gives his clients the trust and confidence to pursue their claim. He is a member of the Texas Bar Association, Bexar County Bar Association, American Bar Association, and Hidalgo County Bar Associations. Dr. Patino and his colleagues have dedicated their careers to helping accident victims fight for justice. clients of Patino Law Firm have often commented on the friendly and efficient manner in which their case is handled.

When asked about the secret of success in a personal injury lawsuit, the firm answered, “delayed treatment in a personal injury claim is oftentimes a killer for the case. Insurance carriers typically say, “if your client was injured/hurt, a reasonable person would get medical treatment quickly and not delay.” The Patino Law Firm has been blessed to be able to resolve our client’s claim with great success.  The google reviews speak for themselves and have helped us to be listed in ThreeBestRated® after breaking their strong 50-Point Inspection. We are committed to making things right for our clients and we waste no time in doing so.”

Significant injuries involving the negligence of others to include health care provider error, birth injuries resulting in child’s defect, and wrongful death are the common issues handled by the Patino Law Firm.

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