Four Popular Myths About Indian Food – Busts Aangan, A 2023 ThreeBestRated® Awarded Indian Restaurant From Melbourne

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Melbourne, Victoria (PRUnderground) March 17th, 2023

Needless to mention, Indian cuisines have spread their wings all over the world. The vibrant flavour and colour thrill the taste buds and every sense as well. If you have ever dined on mouth-watering Indian food, you could have experienced this amazing feel. There is so much popularity for Indian food worldwide. As such, there are some myths associated with them as well. And, no one can bust them in the way an expert does. So we have experts from Aangan Restaurant to bust four common myths about Indian food. Hence are they…

  • Indian Foods Are Hot And Spicy:

Well, it could be the greatest myth about Indian food you will hear as people of all countries think so. But it’s actually a myth. Of course, Indian Foods have spices like chilly, pepper, ginger, etc., but they are highly customizable according to your preference and your personal taste. In addition, Indian foods are known to have all six tastes in a balanced way. It is definitely not HOT!

  • Indian Foods Are Notorious To People On Diet:

Most often, Indian foods are often considered greasy and fattening. But as said before, they are customizable – meaning, not all the foods are slippery. Moreover, Indian Foods have higher well-balanced nutritional content, and some of the foods like idly, and roti have been scientifically proven to aid weight loss. Therefore Indian foods are great sources of fiber, protein, vitamins, and so on to meet your body’s requirements. So unless you overload your stomach you can stay fit as a fiddle.

  • Indian Food Leads To Intestinal Gas:

Some foods such as lentils, potatoes, meat, and dairy products may lead to these problems. However, it is noteworthy that it is not the foods that cause gas, but your body’s reaction to such foods. For instance, if your body doesn’t accept potatoes, no matter if it is Indian or Mediterranean, it would create gastric problems whenever you eat potatoes. That’s why most Indian restaurants offer a mix of anise seeds and fenugreek seeds to help the digestive system. So it can’t be concluded that not all Indian foods are linked to intestinal gas.

  • All the Indian Foods Are Common:

Many think that India has the same curry or the same roti all over the country. As India is a multicultural country, the food, cooking style, and even the vessels differ from state to state, and region to region. Be it a fish or eggplant, every Indian state has its own way of cooking and a staple food – that is wherever you go, you can give your taste buds a great treat.

What Makes Aangan Restaurant So Unique?

Aangan is a fine dining restaurant in Melbourne region, Australia dedicated to serving authentic and flavoursome Indian dishes. As the dishes are made by extensively skilled chefs, and they use fresh ingredients and spices, their dishes are second to none. They strive to replicate the exact taste, flavour, and aroma of what it would be if it is prepared by the people of its land.

Aangan means “Patio” in Urdu – as the name implies, not only does the restaurant replicate the exact taste and flavour, but also the ambience that could remind you of your home. They provide a vibrant atmosphere to dine on so it will be just a dining room away from your home. With their uncommentable customer-oriented service and excellent dishes, they have cracked the 50-Points Inspection of ThreeBestRated® to be ranked as a top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne.

To dine in your favourite Indian dishes, tap here:

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