Four Tips To Score On The Math Test And Beyond, Shares A 2023 ThreeBestRated® Tutoring Center, Red Deer

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Red Deer, Canada (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2023

Bottom line? Prepare, prepare, and prepare!

Learning math is about doing math … in the correct way! You would think as long as the answer is correct, it is not important how you get there. Ummm … no! An inefficient way and relying heavily on procedural math (as opposed to conceptual math) will get you only so much, but it won’t get you farther! Using a procedural approach surely will get you to the right answer, but it doesn’t make you a problem-solver.

As a parent, how to help your child score on a math test?

We reached out to Mathnasium Tutoring Center from Red Deer, AB, to get some tips to achieve a good score on the math test. They feel privileged and happy to share their knowledge with you. And, here’re their words…

  1. Know Your Child’s Math Skills Gaps

First of all, you have to know where they are now and set up realistic goals. If they are now in grade 9, and have had problems with math since grade 4, would it be realistic to set up goals to achieve a 90% mark now? It’s like expecting to win a body-building contest by going to the gym for a few weeks 😊

  1. Build A Learning Plan To Close The Gaps

So, after understanding what their strengths and weaknesses are, build a plan to close the gaps. Start with building a strong foundation at the appropriate level. Brick by brick, layer by layer. It took years to where they are now, so expect to take some time to catch up as well.

  1. Work On Your Learning Plan, Using The Correct Method.

A good tutoring program will teach a conceptual understanding of math: the why behind the formulas and algorithms. This type of program will give a student the sustainable and strong foundation to build their math skills so that they’re ready to face the next level of math which will be more complex. Unfortunately, most tutors, knowing that many students and parents want a quick fix “I want to pass my math test tomorrow” kind of mindset, would give you just that. Quick fix. They will give you step-by-step procedures to “solve” a problem. Hey, as long as the answers are right, right? Right. Your child will do the test, and the next day they’ll forget what they have learned. Memorizing helps at the moment, understanding helps for a lifetime!

  1. Make Yourself Committed To Being A Better You!

OK, after a few months, they successfully improve their math skills and got their confidence back .. yayy! Congrats! So is this the time to stop now? No. Keep on going. Math, just like education in general, is about long-term results. You go to the gym for two months, lose some weight, and feel good about yourself, and that means you can stop exercising? No. Learning math, just like any other aspect of life, is about endurance. You might be good at multiplication right now, even able to do multi-digit multiplication, but there are more challenges at the next level: fractions, equations, geometry, pre-calc, etc. – explains the experts.

Then how to master it? The simple solution is to enroll yourself into a tutoring center like Mathnasium – because a good math-only learning centre, that is professional and a math expert, can help you with steps 1 to 3. For step 4, your child’s GRIT – combined with their great teaching and instruction method, is a “deadly weapon” to get them to the top of the class!

What Makes The Mathnasium of Red Deer Stand out?

Great Method:  Mathnasium Method™ has helped kids around the world for over twenty years now. They teach math in a way that makes sense to students and are committed to creating critical thinkers and problem solvers, unlike old, & traditional school tutoring programs that can only push kids to do drilling, repetitive exercises, and memorizing rote procedures with tons of homework. They don’t create “calculators” i.e. kids who know addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division but are confused when asked to analyze and solve problems.

Mathnasium focuses on conceptual understanding, not procedural math. They teach the WHY behind the algorithm, not just provide the steps to find the right answers. In short, they teach Number Sense! Having a strong number sense is vitally important because those who are problem solvers are what matters in the real world, and even more critical right now (and of course in the future) where everything is about analyzing data and making sense of it, to find the best solution. STEM jobs or not.

Here is an example of what a student with a strong number sense looks like; she is a second grader who has been with us for just a few months.

Their comprehensive assessment aims for long-term success and pinpoints the gaps in detail and they build a learning plan based on that. It is so personalized just like a fingerprint: one student’s learning plan is unique, and it will not be the same with other students.

“Our instructors really teach! Funny that we have to mention that, but you’ll find math programs where the tutors are just grading the work. Our employment test and training are rigorous, and we make sure that our team members are not just math whizzes, but also great with kids!”, proudly shares the center.

Great Environment:  Kids play fun math games too; they enjoy multiplication duel, heads up, ‘making 10’ memory game, jeopardy, pico-fermi-nada, etc. These games not only sharpen their math skills, but also their analytical skills – they make math learning fun!

Great method and great environment will make your child enjoy math and nurture their growth mindset in the long run!

Recently they have won the prestigious ThreeBestRated® award for being a top tutoring center in Red Deer, AB. Not only is their instructor training rigorous, but also the 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated® is strict and rigorous to crack, however, the Mathnasium of Red Deer cracked it to be topped! So let’s prepare your child early – better to stop problems before they start. Make them score on the math test .. in an exciting way. Math CAN change your child’s life!

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