Frankie Lee Helps Top Brands & Celebs Take Control of Their Online Reputation

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His boutique firm, Content Removal, helps save the reputation of top-notch celebrities, brands, and influencers.

Brisbane, Australia (PRUnderground) July 21st, 2020

Content Removal specializes in removing negative content online for some of the biggest names in the business. The online media, when not managed well, can turn out to be nightmarish. But the problem is more complicated for celebrities, brands, and influencers, whose painstakingly built images can be ruined with just one result on Google search.

Anyone can upload a fake picture or write negative content about them, and no amount of clarification will convince people to believe in their truth. Moreover, several image-based abuse sites have become increasingly common.

Frankie Lee, a British pro boxing trainer, was deeply concerned when he saw some of his female friends having a hard time dealing with images and videos online.

He saw first-hand how vulnerable his friends were in the face of such an attack on their reputation. Standing up for people’s rights came naturally for him, having represented at world title level in boxing as a trainer.

So he decided to set up Content Removal, a boutique firm specifically aimed at helping high net-worth clients like celebrities, businesses, brands, and influencers by removing negative content online.

The company helps its clients by removing images, videos, and search results online, which can wreck their reputations. Doing so, it negates falsehoods and gives a boost to its clients’ online image.

“Never has it been so important to have a plan for protecting your online reputation. That first page of Google can either be a blessing or a curse,” says Frankie Lee, founder, Content Removal.

There are a lot of players, which are known for false guarantees and empty promises in this line of work. Frankie decided to bring a cleaner and more transparent approach to the industry with his No-BS and No-Fake guarantees policy.

He’s clear that his company is not aimed at masses, and he only takes clients, who value his work and can afford his fees.

His transparent approach has brought its dividends, as Content Removal already represents some of the biggest brands in the fitness & fashion industry, helping them protect their intellectual property (IP) and also an array of celebrities and influencers who want to protect their online reputation.

Content Removal knows that many people lose their sleep worrying about their online image. That’s why it’s committed to bringing the best solutions to help them keep a positive image online, which is good for their peace of mind and business.

About Content Removal

Content Removal was built to help a specific clientele – celebrities, businesses, brands, and influencers – in maintaining their online image. Founder Frankie Lee and his team are writing a new chapter in this industry by making transparency a hallmark of their approach.



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