Free Breast Exercises To Help Prevent Sagging

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Free do at home breast exercises to help firm up your chest and avoid premature sagging later in life.

Shropshire, UK (PRUnderground) April 29th, 2010

There comes a time in every girls life where gravity starts to take effect and your boobs start to drop a little. It may be after childbirth, putting on a little weight or just the normal weight fluctuations that happen to us all. It is possible to help prevent sagging by keeping fit and performing specific exercises. Breast information & lingerie advice website have put together a bunch of breast exercises to help keep the girls in shape!

Carol Tromans, owner of says “Over the years I’ve had many questions from our readers asking what exercises are best for boobs. I searched around and found that there was a lack of free information, just companies trying to sell their latest fitness fads, so I decided to get together with some fitness experts to compile a list of exercises specifically for breasts”.

“Because breasts are made up mostly of Adipose (fatty) tissue, and contain no muscle, exercise alone will not change their size or shape directly. However by working the largest muscle in the chest, pectoralis major, you can help support the breasts and hold them up higher and hopefully help avoid any future sagging”.

All the exercises can be performed at home with little or no equipment.

Ideal breast exercises include the Chest Flye and Chest Press that can be done with an exercise ball and weights, the website contains a full routine for these exercises. Tip: If you need a cheap alternative to weights, grab a couple of small drinks bottles, fill them with water and superglue the top on to prevent a soaking!

There’s also information on how to perform Standing Press-Ups and Full Press-ups which will help to tighten things up a little.

Carol adds, “There’s also an opportunity for our readers to submit their own exercises and let others know what worked for them. The exercises we’ve compiled are suitable for most ladies and you don’t have to be super-fit to perform them.”

To find out more about the free breast exercises visit BreastTalk

About BreastTalk: is a breast information and lingerie advice website which has been online for over 6 years and has helped countless thousands of women with their breast or lingerie related problems.

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