From Turbines to Solar Cars: How Physics for the Planet’s Free Online Project Guides are Inspiring a New Era of Curious Minds

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The youth-led organization is using education to bridge the accessibility gap for people to take action for the environment through free online physics project guides, workshops and more

Great Neck, NY (PRUnderground) October 17th, 2022

Physics is deeply engrained in everything modern society has brought forth. From the airplane to energy technology, automobiles, space travel, and countless things in between — yet physics is an incredibly underrated subject in the education system. However, one student-led organization is on a mission to shine a light on the importance of physics in a free, kid-friendly fashion. Physics for the Planet (P4P) is proud to offer 6 high-quality online DIY project guides to get students excited about physics and environmental topics.

Students of this generation are truly the first to leverage technology for education in a whole new light, and Rick Xu and the team of P4P volunteers are ensuring that every student has an opportunity to create simple yet challenging physics projects that are both fun and fascinating. Guides are complete with a comprehensive set of instructions with pictures, estimated time commitment, supplies needed, and difficulty level.

Students who visit the website to access these free project guides will have the ability to create a solar car, DIY wind turbine, a water turbine, recreate the greenhouse effect, experiment with window insulation, and recreate the water cycle to purify water. Each project is designed to enlighten students about physics and connect the project to applications for the environment.

“It was pretty mind blowing when I learned the importance of physics in developing many of our modern technologies, as well as its significance moving forward to tackle climate change, pollution, and other challenges. However, I don’t think enough people recognize physics as a field that is incredibly applicable to the real world. Instead, many associate it with very abstract topics like string theory for example. That was one of the main reasons I founded Physics for the Planet – I wanted to demonstrate just how cool and useful physics is.” – Rick Xu, Founder

Through dedication to innovation and unwavering commitment to raising awareness for environmental issues around the world, Physics for the Planet’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the free online project guides available at

To learn more about Physics for the Planet (P4P), please visit:

About Physics for the Planet (P4P)

Physics for the Planet (P4P) is an educational resource organization designed to generate enthusiasm for physics and increase understanding of the natural world while simultaneously raising awareness for environmental issues. Founded in 2022 by Rick Xu, a recent high school graduate, Physics for the Planet is youth-led and provides free DIY low-cost project guides for eager students curious about physics. Additionally, Physics for the Planet hosts interactive workshops with young students to nurture curiosity, encourage community, and promote collaboration. The volunteers of P4P are high schoolers with a passion for physics and a desire to make a difference in their community.

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