Funnel Empire Among Marketing Agencies Helping Small Businesses Keep Doors Open

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In a time of economic despair, Funnel Empire is helping businesses survive with online marketing

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) June 2nd, 2020

Although the current circumstances impacting the economy have dealt a blow to small businesses, trends are showing that small businesses engaging in online marketing are faring better. Marketing agencies, such as Funnel Empire, are helping small businesses keep their doors open, even during these trying times.

Brick and mortar business is still suspended in some areas, and businesses are learning they must adapt to survive. Funnel Empire works with a variety of industries and niches to deliver effective, results-oriented funnels. Their team offers assistance in areas ranging from leads to e-commerce and everywhere in between, making for the perfect ally when a business is just dipping their toe into the world of online advertising.

According to Alex Taylor, founder of Funnel Empire, “Funnels, in comparison to a website, are kinda like a smarter way of getting our leads to do exactly what we want. We do this so we can remove all of distractions typically on a website and provide leads with one clear, easy step of what they need to do next.”

Funnels leverage the pillars of traffic and conversions to generate quality leads and sales online. Funnels and paid advertising, according to Funnel Empire, are necessary for generating consistent and reliable results online. Funnel Empire’s track record includes generating more than $2.4 million for a client in 45 days, simply through a funnel strategy.

The team at Funnel Empire is offering free resources to help businesses lay a foundation for online marketing.

The first resource, ‘5 Revenue Crushing Issues With Your Website’, can be found at

The second resource is a free training video entitled ‘How to Explode Your Conversion Rates’, which can be found at

Funnel Empire is also accepting new clients and offers a variety of specialized solutions, including A//B testing, paid advertising, social media, and more.

“Funnels have helped many business owners generate higher conversion rates and higher quality leads compared to their website, and now, you have the opportunity to start capitalizing on their power of funnels for yourself,” said the team at Funnel Empire.

Businesses looking to scale online with funnels and paid advertising can visit to learn more.

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Funnel Empire is the leader in funnel and paid advertising and has worked with hundreds of businesses around the world to generate millions of dollars in online sales and thousands of leads.

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