Gaia Tea Announces Kickstarter Campaign to Bring “Make a Tea” Idea Come to Life

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Handmade tea experts Gaia Tea have announced a special “Make a Tea” crowdfunding campaign where donors will get to vote on the ingredients of special new tea blends.

New York City, New York (PRUnderground) February 19th, 2018

Tea lovers certainly can certainly be quite creative in the flavors they appreciate entering into their morning, afternoon and even evening tea choices. While there are many options available, premium quality handmade tea company Gaia Tea is taking things to the next level, recently announcing the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring to life their latest breakthrough idea – “Make a Tea” – a chance for donors to select their favorite tea ingredients, receive some tea as perks for their donation and have a chance to vote on which special “Make a Tea” is produced and what it will be named.

“We try to always pay close attention to what our customers are looking for in the tea they enjoy,” commented a spokesperson from Gaia Tea. “So we thought why not take things to the next level and give them the chance to pick the exact ingredients they would like to see in a new blend most. That’s the whole idea behind our ‘Make a Tea’ campaign and we think it is going to be a huge success.”

Gaia Tea was founded in 2010 by two siblings a Chef and a web expert. Since then they have earned a remarkable reputation for their superior tea blends.

According to the company, they have set an initial goal of $1,000 for “Make a Tea” to come to life, with perks opening up based on donation size.

The company is happy to let donors know if they reach the $4000 donation mark Gaia Tea will be offering supporters of the Kickstarter a special online video-class where their chef shows exactly what it takes to tea blend like a pro and shares secrets behind the best tasting tea blends. The tea blending class will cover everything a person needs to know on how to create and balance a perfect tea blend. Updates with information about each ingredient will be featured on the Gaia Tea website.

The campaign is set to end on March 15th, 2018.

Feedback for the company has been completely positive and excitement over the Kickstarter campaign is high.

Christine S., from Washington, said in a five-star review, “I love Gaia Tea completely. I am so excited to have the chance to vote on making my own tea blend. I’ve joined the Kickstarter already!”

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Our tea blends are 100% handmade. What does handmade tea mean? Each tea bag is measured and we inspected our ingredients during the production process. Love and time goes into every tea bag, made fresh for you.

A majority of store brand teas are produced by the same factories year in and year out. The ingredients are bought in bulk, and the inspection level is minimal. At Gaia Tea we believe that tea is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, we treat our tea the same as a five star meal.

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