Game Marketing Genie Launches New Growth Marketing Brand

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Game Marketing Genie, leading provider of data-driven marketing solutions, announces the launch of its new enterprise level marketing company, Growth Marketing Genie.

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) June 29th, 2020

Game Marketing Genie, the leading provider of data-driven video game marketing solutions, today announced the launch of its new sister marketing company, Growth Marketing Genie. Developed from a mix of consumer demand and a gap in the market, the brand will take the talents of the Game Marketing Genie team and apply them across a range of industries to bring new trends and technology to the marketing world.

“Game Marketing Genie was approached by multiple brands seeking marketing expertise that spanned across multiple industries, and have decided to expand our reach to enterprises outside the video gaming industry,” said Hersh Bhatt, CEO of Game Marketing Genie. “Growth Marketing Genie reflects our leading industry experience and demonstrates our ability to transform all types of businesses towards long-lasting growth well into the future.”

Growth Marketing Genie leverages their deep expertise in data science to design and execute full-service digital marketing strategies that deliver measurable results and help their clients grow their business exponentially. They saw how brands were struggling with stagnant marketing methods, and wanted to bring new insights and data-driven strategies to help their clients create a foundation to scale. Common pain points included a lack of audience awareness, difficulty in retention, lost opportunities for conversion and a failure to harness developing marketing trends. Taking this as an opportunity to help their clients and focus on their talents on enterprise-level ventures, Growth Marketing Genie was founded.

“We contrasted the existing marketing strategies with the knowledge that software companies are known for their exponential growth and constant success,” said Bhatt. “We wanted to merge the drive and methods that these companies use to show other businesses how to leverage their growth. We built our business to bring modern approaches to brands ranging from start-up all the way up to enterprise as we believe that the right data-driven marketing can accelerate growth, authority and awareness for all businesses.”

The new brand features the full spectrum of marketing services – from digital advertising to tag management – that transform businesses’ traditional strategies and adapt to new developments, clients and trends to bring a cohesive and results-focused marketing experience that cannot be found anywhere else. 

To find out more about Growth Marketing Genie and how they can help your brand, visit their website or send them an email at

About Growth Marketing Genie

Growth Marketing Genie is a full-service data-driven marketing and creative agency. We combine our technology expertise and data-driven intelligence to deliver measurable business growth and positive ROI for enterprise brands across the world. We are passionate about marketing, and develop the interplay between human decision making, psychology and technology to enable our clients to deliver superior experience to their customers. Growth Marketing Genie has been rapidly expanding its footprint and currently has offices in Australia, Singapore, and India. To learn more, visit:

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