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GCRC’s Mike Robinson Announces “Genevieve’s Dream” Hemp CBG Formulation Complete

Industry: Healthcare

Mike Robinson, cannabis compassion provider and creator of next level hemp products announces the upcoming release of a new CBG Hemp product line named after his daughter

CA (PRUnderground) September 24th, 2020

The Global Cannabinoid Research Center (GCRC) has announced the creation of Genevieve’s Dream. The hemp extract CBD made it’s way to fame nearly a decade ago after CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta did interviews that featured young patients battling against life threatening seizures using the hemp plant.  “The world has been waiting for the next level in hemp extracts, one that will change the face of the Hemp” Mike Robinson, the founder of GCRC stated. Many are aware the cannabis plant has two well known compounds, THC and CBD, the two that have the medical and research world talking it up as well. Most consumers are unaware that there’s more hemp than that. “CBG has been around for quite some time, it’s just a matter of formulating it in a way that’s palatable and efficacious” Robinson explains.

“CBG is truly the next level cannabinoid and I’ve found a way to make it work in concert with others, in other words these minor cannabinoids can work in very major ways. Many consumers want CBD because they haven’t experienced what Cannabigerol (CBG) can do for them yet. If people were satisfied from the results they had by using CBD – Genevieve’s Dream will be the answer to the needs of millions.There’s also a big crowd that didn’t jump up and down over CBD and these people may find that this cannabinoid brings them a whole different result. Our daughter Genevieve doesn’t use much CBD but she uses CBG and that has really seemed to help her cognitive development and behaviors associated with Autism, so there’s been a good reason to work on this right under our roof.”

David Uhalley the GCRC Director of Communications said. “As a society we’ve been exposed to CBD for quite some time, it’s what first gained my attention when I entered the cannabis industry. I was exposed to cannabinoid medicine through our relationship as partners in an entity called Nanobles – where we concentrate on Nanotechnology and CBD. Adding CBG into formulations has been an exciting thing to be part of, we feel as if we’re breaking ground every day as we watch Mike work on these oils. Reducing cannabinoid sizes through the use of liposomal and nano technology have been front and center in the GCRC roadmap so it was surprising to hear that Genevieve’s Dream is ready for mass production. We never know what we’ll hear next at the Research Center as we’re moving into a new era of wellness at an unprecedented rate.”

Uhalley and Robinson have hemp history prior to GCRC, “CBG is newer to me as it is to most people. But Genevieve’s a fixture that’s brings so much awareness to how cannabis and hemp helps these kids. She’s so magnetic I didn’t see disability the first time I saw her in person – only the ability to make me smile.” Genevieve has severe Autism and Epilepsy. Robinson also has severe epilepsy from a professional auto racing wreck in 1995. He’s a well known cancer survivor that touts cannabis and hemp as the reason he was able to leave decades of pharmaceutical addiction to opioids due to both the wreck and cancers. “I’ve became a free man because of plant medicine, it’s my mission to allow others to feel the same way about nature”.

Robinson as well has been known for the better part of a decade for his work in compassion, the supplying of cannabis and hemp products to the less fortunate. “In 2016 I ventured down a path I didn’t expect and along came a family” he explained. “I went to Santa Barbara to drop off some Hemp extracts and other cannabis oil  and ended up meeting Genevieve – it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but over the next few months her mom and I started dating. I never expected it to turn into this, at the time I was traveling around and bringing compassion patients oils all over the nation”

“I met Mike and David at a 2019 CBD Expo in Las Vegas. Mike was speaking on CBD and Drug interactions and explaining ways to avoid them, I didn’t expect to become involved. In 2020 researching CBG with Mike is helping bring exposure to the potential of cannabinoid medicine. The industry hasn’t seen Genevieve’s Dream research, but I’ve personally tried the prototype oil and it’s an incredible experience to feel the benefits of this new effective hemp extract. Naming it after Genevieve is beautiful because of how they met.” said Sarah Schwefel, Research Analyst for GCRC.

The Cannabis Love Story has been read by tens of millions around the globe from his own personal blog Mikes Medicines. It’s a tale of a 2016 compassion exchange that eventually made Robinson the dad to Genevieve who had tragically lost her biological father a decade prior. “Her mom and I started dating about a month after we first met, but I was on the road busy all the time.” he explained, “She stole my heart when she called me Daddy, helping her became my number one duty in life.” And now, he’ll put a next level hemp oil on the market bearing her name for the world to use.

GCRC has made several announcements in 2020 that are hitting home for patients considering hemp or alternative medicine. “Healthcare needs a facelift in more ways than one, plant medicine can give it that” according to Robinson, “Genevieve has brought so much love and hope to my life that I figured creating a formulation and brand named after her would carry that hope and love into the world of consumers that are looking for something new, something unique.”

FDA Disclaimer: The statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. The information is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health. The news site hosting this press release is not associated with The Global Cannabinoid Research Center (GCRC), Mike Robinson, David Uhalley, or Genevieve’s Dream. It is merely re-publishing a press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the company, people, information, product or service.

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