Gen Z Discovers ILN’S Groundbreaking Social Platform

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A major upgrade to the ILN app frees Gen Z to create the lives they were promised.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 1st, 2020

ILN has created a platform specifically geared to the neglected Gen Z. Whether by design or circumstance they have inherited many catastrophic problems they will have to fix. Gen Z must repay trillions of dollars of debt, they’ve been thrust into a once in a century pandemic, and were born into a world on the brink of ecological disaster.

Even if they did not cause these problems, they must fix them through their ingenuity, breakthroughs, and efforts. Their ability to express themselves is stifled by universities, leaders, big-tech, the media, parents, and peers. All that is needed is the freedom and empowerment to help coordinate, work together, and rise up. They must regain the ability to express themselves through a zero-censorship platform built upon the principle of freedom.

ILN empowers people by reinforcing all inalienable rights and supports the freedom to choose what to say, share, and post. This emerging generation will make their mark on the world by sharing their perspective through blogs, forums, messages, and more. They will maximize their power through a platform that provides unlimited possibilities in what can be created and shared.

The world Gen Z inherited is suffering. Through their creativity, they will solve its problems together and live the lives they were told they could live. To unlock their potential they first need the means to work together freely without fear of censorship or restraint.

Become the change this world needs and join ILN now by going to the app’s landing page at or sign up now at


Peter Sorensen
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About ILN

ILN is a life manager for generation Z to track and organize their life. It has a suite of productivity tools to manage things like goals, tasks, and projects; a cloud storage engine to organize and share digital files; and social networking for group communication. 

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