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Many businesses, especially those that started during the pandemic, are using cloud-managed services.

Sydney, Austrailia (PRUnderground) October 24th, 2022

As one of the nations most challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia has taken the path back to normality a little slower than other nations. However, while this slow but sure approach will likely pay dividends in the long term, it has meant a gradual return to normal business for many Australians. For those who opened their doors during the pandemic, now is the chance to expand and grow.

This is, in part, playing a role in the rise of companies requiring managed service provisions from IT specialists. As many companies look to expand or move into a public-facing venue, the need for more robust IT systems is growing. This has played a key role in the rise of IT services being required nationwide.

The rise of requirements for IT procurement services and cloud managed services, such as GeniSys, has been steady across 2022. More and more professionals are getting involved with the idea of opening their company up to a wider level of business opportunity. The need for IT services is always growing, from bringing new clientele to building better and more robust infrastructure.

This has seen companies such as GeniSys increase their options so that more companies can access top-rate cloud services.

Cloud services expected to see continued growth in 2022

Given the sheer number of companies getting involved with cloud technology, it should be no surprise that growth is not expected to slow. Another key reason for this change is the post-pandemic way of working that many companies now engage with. For example, it was common for staff to be using cloud-based systems to work from home during the pandemic. Despite doors opening again, some companies – and many staff – are keen to continue working from the comfort of their own home.

This means that having a robust cloud-managed service in place could ensure that staff can continue to work from afar. Other companies have had to adjust to try and give their team more at-home working opportunities. The result is a significant change in how Australian companies handle remote work. With the increase in quality and availability of secure commercial cloud-managed services, this should be no surprise.

Cloud services are not expected to slow down as more companies adopt this important adaptation for the industry. Over time, the hope is that this can continue to grow and change. As more and more companies get involved, cloud services will become increasingly normalized. This will further assist their growth and expansion from potential business aides to must-haves.

As 2022 progresses and we move into 2023, cloud managed services will not be going anywhere. This is a service type that looks here to stay: One of the pandemic’s few benefits has been an increase in remote working capabilities. With tools like the cloud, the days of tethered workspaces are becoming a thing of the past.

Source: IV Media


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