GeoZilla Family Locator Selected to Present at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Ukrainian Startup Pavilion

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GeoZilla, the first ever AI driven GPS locater designed to keep family and friends safe, today announced it has been selected to present at the 2016 TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Palo Alto, CA (PRUnderground) August 1st, 2016

GeoZilla, the first ever AI driven GPS locater designed to keep family and friends safe, today announced it has been selected to present at the 2016 TechCrunch Disrupt Conference. The conference, aimed at debuting revolutionary startups, is a two-day event that includes events such as a “Startup Battlefield”, a 24-hour hackathon, and a variety of thought leadership presentations, and takes place September 12-14 in San Francisco. This year, TechCrunch Disrupt has dedicated an entire pavilion to Ukrainian startups. The conference’s focus on Ukrainian startups as well as the support of USAid, highlights increasing global interest in this sector of the industry.

GeoZilla will be hosting a booth in the Ukrainian pavilion to showcase the app, discuss the AI technology powering it and answer any questions attendees will have.

“GeoZilla is thrilled to be one of the ten startups selected to present this year,” said Alex Sharov, CEO at GeoZilla. “How often do you send texts that ask a family member ‘Where are you?’, In today’s world, families are busier than ever, making staying connected and safe a challenge. Our team has worked incredibly hard to provide a valuable and easy solution for this problem, and with over 300,000 families who already love our app in over 15 countries, we are extremely excited to bring this product to the US.” Participating in TechCrunch Disrupt includes five days of mentorship in the Traction Camp SF, attendance at the conference both allowing for significant exposure and networking.


About GeoZilla Family Locator

The founders of GeoZilla, parents themselves, have created a solution designed to help parents keep track of their family by using artificial intelligence and location tracking all within one simple, beautifully designed mobile app.

GeoZilla is the first AI based GPS locater designed to keep family and friends safe backed by battery savvy technology. GeoZilla is a platform for location tracking, communication, and collaboration.

GeoZilla’s AI algorithms automatically observe and learn behaviors while constantly interpreting information. Yes, this means GeoZilla gets better every minute it is being used. No manual input or complicated on-boarding needed. Join the over 300,000 families already using GeoZilla and bring seamless communication and peace of mind to your home.

GeoZilla is a complex location tracking solution that covers the following:

  • Battery-friendly location tracking for family and friends.

  • Emergency alert with the user’s coordinates.

  • Knowing when a person leaves or arrives at a place.

  • Private messaging and the ability to share images and video.

  • User-friendly location history for the entire family.

  • Family reminders via location- and time-based tasks.

Our community is growing more than 30% every month, as GeoZilla provides protection to more than 250,000 families worldwide.

GeoZilla looks forward to sharing our latest innovations in the family safety space and meeting individuals interested in helping Ukrainian startups dominate in the global tech playground.

About GeoZilla

Every family cares about the location and safety of their family members, relatives, and friends. That is why we‘ve decided to build GeoZilla – the first AI-based family and friend locator. We are using the latest technologies to build a smart platform and provide our solution for free to families worldwide. We want to help keep families safe.

Our mission is to improve the communication within families and close friends when they are not physically together. We believe that a family locator is an essential solution for every family.

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