GFL Acquisition of Rizzo Environmental Services Resulted Directly from Chuck Rizzo Jr.’s Prowess in Consulting for the Firm Bearing his Name

Industry: Trucking

The purchase of Rizzo Environmental Services facilitated GFL's entrance into the U.S. market

Detroit, MI (PRUnderground) August 29th, 2022

Before becoming a force in the U.S. waste management industry, GFL Environmental, Inc., headquartered in Toronto, Canada, gained its first foothold with the acquisition of Rizzo Environmental Services. Rizzo Environmental Services was founded and led by Chuck Rizzo, Jr., who was very instrumental in getting the company to the point of becoming a power in its local market and a viable acquisition target for an enterprise with the need to expand their reach and capabilities.

GFL has been a leader in the waste management industry of Canada, and now, thanks in no small part to the diligence and hard work of Chuck Rizzo, Jr., the company has also joined the ranks of firms leading the industry in the United States. “Over the years, we managed to build a company that reached respectable heights in Michigan and Ohio,” said a spokesperson for Mr. Rizzo. “At some point in our growth, the company began to attract the eyes of larger firms in waste management. The interest in our operations culminated in the decision by GFL to pursue the company with a goal of acquiring Rizzo Environmental.”

“The team building and marketing skills that Chuck exhibited in the creation and structuring of a company of this scale have been proven through the valuation put upon the company in the course of the acquisition. The folks at GFL put their money where their mouth was & made clear the importance and value of Rizzo as integral part of their operation.”


About Rizzo

Charles P. Rizzo didn’t start out to be an innovator for an often-overlooked industry, but as he set out on his path, innovation came naturally.  As he began to develop his plans and set goals for a waste management company that would become an industry leader, he came to understand that the old way of conducting business was no longer enough for a firm providing consumer services in a technologically advanced era. 

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