Gifts For Men To Remind Them Of Their Birth Year

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Gift voucher company Into the Blue has a whole host of gifts for men that can be tied in to their year of birth.

Biggin Hill, Kent (PRUnderground) September 20th, 2010

Knowing just how hard it is to find the perfect gifts for men idea, gift voucher experts Into the Blue have hatched a rather fine way to celebrate their special day with an exciting adventure.

The Into the Blue website features over 600 gift ideas, many of which are focused on flying and driving, which can be linked to their birth date. Imagine buying them a trial flying lesson in a plane built during the very same year they were born, or watching them whizz round the race track in supercar that was first launched during their year of birth.

By choosing a gift that reflects a significant year, such as their birth year, harking back to when they turned 18 or even when they got married, the gift is all the more special.

Top gifts supplied by Into the Blue for these special year gifts include:

  1. Tiger Moth in West Sussex – Morris Motors built the Tiger Moth in 1940, so a perfect gift to celebrate the birthday of spritely 70 year old!
  2. Chipmunk flight in Devon – this adorable de Havilland first flew in 1946 and makes for a fun flying gift.
  3. Fly with a Spitfire – if they’re born in 1942, the year this particular Spitfire BM597 was built, this unique opportunity to fly alongside one of the most iconic fighter planes ever will be an all the more unforgettable gift.
  4. Slingsby Firefly – send them up in the air to the loop to loop with these nimble little aircraft which first flew in 1974. A fantastic gift for any daredevil man (or woman!) that is up for some aerobatics.
  5. Sultan Command Vehicle – this tank dates back to 1972 and they can drive it in Bristol, along with a whole host of other military hardware – a great gift for a man who still loves his big toys!
  6. Audi R8 – this gorgeous car dates from 2006, for those who married in this year it’s a top gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary
  7. Porsche 911 Carrera – THE classic sports car first stole hearts in 1963 and it’ll be superb way to celebrate if they were born that same year
  8. Jaguar E-Type – some say the 1960s were the golden age of motoring and this stunning Jaguar from 1961 certainly upholds the theory

All these special gifts are available to buy directly online at Customers wanting expert advice and help on picking their perfect gift can contact Into the Blue’s customer service team on 01959 578100 during normal office hours. Many of the staff have tried the gifts on offer, so are well-placed to assist.

About Into the Blue:
Into the Blue is a specialist experience activities company that started life in 1996 as an off-shoot of Air Displays International Ltd (operator of the world-renowned Biggin Hill Air Fair), offering flying activities and lessons.

Since then, the company has added a whole range of different activities to the portfolio of activity gift voucher experiences, which now totals in excess of 400. All activities are available to buy directly from or by calling 01959 578100.

The company continues to evolve the range and believes that there is a perfect activity suitable for every individual and for every occasion.

For more information contact Caroline Face at

Prices for the gifts mentioned in this release are:

  • Tiger Moth in West Sussex – a 15 minute flight costs £119
  • Chipmunk in North Devon or Sussex is £129 for 20 minutes
  • Fly in a helicopter alongside a Spitfire – from £225
  • Aerobatics in a Slingsby Firefly in Gloucestershire is £119 for 25mins
  • Tank driving in Bristol including the Sultan Command vehicle costs £185
  • Drive and Audi R8 supercar from £89 per person
  • Porsche Carrera 911 driving in Staffordshire at £89
  • Drive an E-type Jaguar in Fife, Scotland from £209
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