Give a Cup of Love: How Chapín Coffee is Ending Child Hunger This Holiday Season

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In Guatemala, 3 of Every 4 Kids Suffer From Chronic Malnutrition — Chapín Coffee is Empowering Every Consumer to Make a Difference and Save a Life

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) December 6th, 2022

For millions of Americans, drinking coffee every morning is as routine as brushing one’s teeth, taking a shower, or watching the news. It has become so ingrained in the daily routine that it is often consumed without a second thought. But what if conscious consumption was the key to helping solve hunger in malnourished communities? One purpose-fueled coffee company has developed its entire business model around this premise and cup by cup, bean by bean, Chapín Coffee is changing the lives of thousands of children in Guatemala.

Guatemala is one of the world’s largest and finest producers of coffee, yet its communities are stricken with poverty and hunger where thousands of children suffer from chronic malnutrition every day. Holding an immense love and appreciation for the people and heritage of Guatemala, Jennifer and Carlos Monzón started Chapín Coffee — to showcase some of the world’s finest coffees with artisanal roasting techniques while giving back to communities in need.

Here in the United States, far too often society tends to fall into the tunnel vision of “out of sight out of mind”. Chapín Coffee seeks to dismantle the idea that everyday consumers cannot have a major impact on another human being’s life. Chapín Coffee is proud to partner with Pueblo a Pueblo to serve meals to children in Guatemala’s coffee-growing communities and connect coffee lovers here in the United States with the people who so devotedly cultivate some of the best coffees in the world. To date, Chapín Coffee has donated over 45,000 school meals to Guatemalan children.

What we’re doing with Chapín Coffee is simple: taking a daily ritual experienced by hundreds of millions of Americans and turning it into an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world. We empower coffee lovers to make a difference with every morning cup, simply by making a conscious choice about what coffee to buy. Our vision is to harmonize the flow of abundance, sending it back to nourish the families without whom we would have no morning cup of coffee.” – Jennifer Monzón, Co-Founder

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to the community, Chapín Coffee’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition. Chapín Coffee has recently launched a fundraiser program that is open to the public to champion a cause of their choosing. To learn more about Chapín Coffee, please visit:

About Chapín Coffee

Chapín Coffee is a purpose-fueled coffee company dedicated to giving back to global communities and ending world hunger, with a focus on Guatemala. Founded in 2013 by Jennifer and Carlos Monzón, Chapín Coffee sources the best specialty coffee beans from around the world, roasts them to perfection using artisanal techniques, and sells them to serve meals to malnourished children in Guatemala’s coffee-growing communities. Woman and minority-owned and managed, Chapín Coffee was started from a deep love and connection to the land and people of Guatemala. This unique connection sparked a vision to connect coffee lovers here in the United States with the people who so devotedly cultivate some of the best coffees in the world for a greater purpose — saving the lives of hungry children.

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