Glenwood Country School and Glenwood Academy Succeed With Ten Students Per Classroom.

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Parents in Maryland have an affordable private school option as Glenwood Country School celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Glenwood, Maryland (PRUnderground) July 30th, 2011

Glenwood Country School has proudly been serving pre-school through middle school students for twenty-five years. As a way to commemorate the school’s twenty-fifth anniversary, Glenwood Country School (GCS) and Glenwood Academy are offering parents a chance to enroll their child (ages two to thirteen) in one of the most learning enriched environments within the U.S.

GCS, which has two campuses, is dedicated to maintaining a pristine level of education. No more than ten students are allowed per classroom and both campuses offer on-site speech and occupational therapists. GCS is a researched based institution affording each student personalized attention and individualized learning plans. In addition, the school has the capability to work with children who possess learning differences.

Both Glenwood Country School and Glenwood Academy were birthed by Cheryl Stradling. Stradling’s experience as a mother and teaching specialist provided her with the necessary tools needed to start up, and sustain, an education brand with stellar results.

As other costly private schools failed, GCS exceeded expectations within the education community. “I started Glenwood because children have to have a chance to exceed. Over-sized classrooms and a one-size fits all, cookie cutter mindset doesn’t help students succeed.” Stradling said. “I wanted to provide an educational haven where students would be provided with the individual tools needed to flourish within their student careers. Twenty-five years later Glenwood is still going strong and I am looking forward to offering many more years of affordable, quality education.”

Glenwood Country School and Glenwood Academy have limited enrollment. Parents can enroll children on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Pre-K students will obtain many progressive elements while at GCS, such as the Orton-Gillingham reading technique. Elementary students will also benefit from assertive technology efforts. Lastly, middle-school students will benefit by being part of a community through talent and volunteer programs, which empowers both their education and character building blocks.

Glenwood Country School embraces the Character Counts’ Program while working alongside Maryland’s Voluntary State Curriculum. Both campuses are also allergy-aware environments. Parents of children with a multitude of environmental and food allergies praise GCS for their attentiveness to each student’s dietary needs.

Public and Media tours for Glenwood Country School and Glenwood Academy are available upon request. More information on both the school and the academy can be found at:

Glenwood Country School and Glenwood Academy are represented to the media by JumpStart Ink. The GCS brand joins JumpStart Ink’s roster of Emmy Award & Grammy Nominee clientele. JumpStart Ink also represents educators from Ivy League schools, as well as P.h.Ds from Yale, Oxford and UCLA.

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