Gold Coast’s ThreeBestRated® Expert Explains Eight Things To Consider Before Applying For A Mortgage

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Gold Coast, Queensland (PRUnderground) March 4th, 2023

Availing of a mortgage is one of the biggest steps of your life. It can take you to the next level in your financial life if obtained and utilised in an efficient way. It is not the mortgage, It is how you prepare yourself before going for a mortgage that helps you sail the period safely. It is the crux of the matter to know your eligibility to opt for a mortgage which plays a key role in repaying the mortgage without hassle, says Xavier Quenon, an expert from Go Mortgage — Mortgage Broker Gold Coast. He was recently awarded the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award for best mortgage brokers in Gold Coast. Below are the eight important points to look after before you opt for a mortgage,

Monitor your Expenses: The more you spend the less you can borrow — Obviously general living expenses are fine but anything lavish is not acceptable. It is great to stop the habit which can help you save extra for your deposit too.

Watch your Liabilities: Any credit account which is obviously a liability carries an impact on your borrowing capacity and your credit rating. A good idea is to try and reduce or close as many credit cards & car loans as possible. Stop fancy stuff like “Buy Now Pay Later” which will never be liked by banks.

Have Good Saving: The more deposits you have the better you will look to the banks which play a key role in deals they will offer you. This is critical to the success of your loan application.

Monitor The Market: The more properties you look at, the better your knowledge of the local market. You will discover what price point you would really like to target & be in a better position to find a ‘bargain’.

Hold Off Any Career Changes: Lenders want to see that you can hold down a job. Generally speaking, most lenders like it if you’ve been with the same employer for a minimum of six months, not including probation periods. Please avoid changing jobs before and after availing of the mortgage.

Clarity In Choosing The Lender: It’s important to compare lenders, but submitting applications to several lenders will show up on your credit report. It can impact your credit score and generally doesn’t look very good. Have some research and choose the best you wish to apply.

Honesty: Even if you DO have outstanding debts, it’s always better to disclose that information right at the start. You can be sure the lender will uncover all that information anyway, and your loan will be declined due to non-disclosure because they will question whether there are even more debts that haven’t been disclosed.

Talk To A Mortgage Broker: Going through a mortgage broker can give you a wider range of home loan options and products.

This can help you prepare yourself for making yourself eligible for the mortgage and help you complete the mortgage directly or indirectly, says Xavier Quenon. If you were considering going directly to a bank that only offers a few different lending options, consider that you will typically have the benefit of more choice with a mortgage broker such as Go Mortgage who gives you the advantage of over 61 lenders to select from, and they work with you to identify the right home loan package for your needs.

Everything About Xavier Quenon — Go Mortgage-Mortgage Broker Gold Coast

Go Mortgage understands borrowers need someone in their corner who can secure the right home loan, but also be their Trusted Adviser. In regional markets, this is critical. Head Broker Xavier Quenon holds a degree in Financial Planning. He doesn’t offer financial advice, but his knowledge enables the Go Mortgage team to think about how a home loan can integrate with a client’s wider financial affairs and life journey. Brokers are now the lead source of guidance for clients on their lifelong journey. They are excited about the year and have exciting plans like the expansion of the team. First home owners, investment, property, purchase, commercial, home, finance & non-conforming loans are the common services you can avail of at Go Mortgage. Get in touch with them at

The firm added “Four years ago, Go Mortgage resolved to be the Number One searched brokerage on the Gold Coast. We achieved this by becoming at the top of the page for the search terms ‘Best Mortgage Broker and Gold Coast’, as a result of the online reviews from satisfied customers. This led to our appointment on the ThreeBestRated® website and staying in this space for 3 consecutive years now after crossing their 50-Point Inspection. We are very proud of our reputation, and we work very hard to ensure 5 star service to all of our clients. Therefore, being placed in the top 3 of ThreeBestRated® only qualifies this further and we are so proud to be listed on this platform” upon receiving the award.

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