Goodera Caters To The Increasing Demand For In-Person, At-Office, and Off-Site Volunteering Activities As Employees Return To Their Offices Post COVID

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After nearly two years of virtual volunteering, nonprofits and corporates can finally look forward to in-person physical volunteering as employees return to the office.

San Mateo, CA (PRUnderground) April 28th, 2022

The two-year mark since many American businesses sent their office workers home is approaching. But with social distancing norms and mask mandates being lifted, organizations are gradually bringing their employees back to the office. This shift from remote to hybrid or on-site working models will also change employee engagement and volunteering activities.

Organizations and teams volunteering virtually since the pandemic can finally look forward to physical volunteering activities once again. The key driving factor for this shift is ‘virtual fatigue,’ the scientifically documented exhaustion felt after attending a series of virtual meetings.

The significant factors behind virtual fatigue are the lack of regular face-to-face interaction and nonverbal communication cues. In addition, virtual fatigue increases the cognitive load on participants, making information and experiences challenging to process. Virtual fatigue translates to falling levels of enthusiasm and lower engagement for virtual volunteers.

However, relaxed mask norms, fewer social distancing rules, and lifted travel restrictions mean that volunteers and beneficiaries can interact in person once again. This interaction results in more significant levels of employee engagement for organizations with volunteering programs.

Anticipating this shift, Goodera and its nonprofit partners have created a host of at-office, off-site and nonprofit center-based volunteering activities.

These in-person activities cover several cause areas including D&I for LGBTQIA+, people of color, and people with disabilities, refugee care, animal rights, mental health awareness, etc.

To support these varied causes, participants can create care packages to extend support during Pride month, donate meal kits for families with children facing medical challenges, create kits for shelter animals, assemble gratitude packages for essential workers to help them cope with stress, and care kits for Ukrainian children taking refuge in centers across Poland.

Abhishek Humbad, the CEO and founder of Goodera, said, “As the world goes back to business as usual, Goodera is in a unique position to facilitate not only virtual and hybrid volunteering activities, but in-person, physical volunteering activities as well. The mix of virtual and physical opportunities allows for greater volunteer engagement, especially with the person-to-person interaction that accompanies physical volunteering.”

About Goodera

Goodera is the world’s largest volunteering platform. Its hybrid and virtual volunteering platform provides companies with access to curated volunteering opportunities and social causes. Goodera’s 200+ clientele list includes 50 Fortune 500 companies, and it works with 50,000+ non-profit organizations across 100+ countries. Since its inception, Goodera has onboarded and engaged up to 1 million corporate volunteers with various virtual and hybrid causes worldwide.

Goodera has also created Karma Hub – the world’s largest repository of virtual volunteering opportunities. Their partnerships include companies in more than 100+ countries, with an 80+ volunteer NPS rating, offering activities in up to 15 languages.

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