Goodera publishes a comprehensive report on The State of Corporate Volunteering.

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Goodera’s comprehensive report on the state of corporate volunteering summarizes the paradigm shift as corporations turn towards virtual/hybrid volunteering to engage their hybrid workforce.

Menlo Park, CA (PRUnderground) December 10th, 2021

Goodera, the leading global provider of virtual volunteering experiences, has released a comprehensive report on the State of Corporate Volunteering. The report highlights the aftermath of the pandemic on physical volunteering and summarizes how companies have adjusted their volunteering activities to suit the “new normal.”

The in-depth report touches upon the growth of virtual volunteering as a fresh and dependable way to connect employees with social causes and nonprofits. The emergence of the distributed workforce has seen an increase in the adoption of the virtual volunteering model worldwide. Part of this rise can be attributed to technology as an enabler, allowing for better participation worldwide, coupled with the reprioritizing of employees’ professional values post the pandemic.

The study brings to attention the trend of social transformation becoming a top priority for companies, driven by socially conscious employees. It also showcases how nonprofits can now benefit from extra volunteers who can contribute from anywhere in the world. 

Throwing light on some key metrics, the report emphasizes the importance of volunteering for the Millennial generation, who are expected to constitute 75% of the workforce by 2025, and Gen-Z, who will make up 40% of the consumer market in 2030. A Global Talent Trends survey further concluded that the highest-performing employees are 3x more likely to work for a company with a strong sense of purpose. 

The suggestive trend doubles down for companies to begin implementing a solid volunteering ecosystem, with virtual volunteering providing a quicker, more versatile, and affordable platform to kickstart from. 

“We conducted a survey as virtual volunteering picked up, and it was widely accepted as a top instrument for employee engagement, especially post the pandemic. In addition, 52% of the companies surveyed have already made a permanent commitment to virtual volunteering. The feedback has been positive, and the benefits are manifold – easier coordination for all stakeholders, higher employee satisfaction, community impact aligning to companies’ cause areas, and most importantly, cost-effectiveness.” says Abhishek Humbad, Founder and CEO of Goodera.

The report is an excellent handbook for companies who wish to shift to and even explore virtual volunteering as a method of employee engagement. 

For those looking to ease into virtual volunteering, the report also showcases an expansive list of diverse yet simple virtual events that companies can begin with, including recording audiobooks, creating flashcards, creating thank you cards for frontline workers, or organising sign language workshops. However, the suite of virtual volunteer services extends beyond these and is also featured in the report.

While the report effectively guides corporates in initiating and adopting virtual volunteering within their organisations, it also assists them in their journey towards creating meaningful partnerships. Further, it sheds light on how nonprofits too can benefit from a wider clientele reaching out and how employees can contribute to the issues they resonate most with.

As the number of companies turning to virtual volunteering increases rapidly, Goodera’s report is a crucial reference point that summarizes the large swathes of changes witnessed in employee giving programs. You can download it to transform your corporate volunteering programs for the better.

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