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GPS and cell service can be unreliable in the Grand Canyon. Here we share the benefits and safety of relying on a canyon tour guide when visiting any part of the canyon.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) October 18th, 2019

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is indeed grand, given the large area it covers. If you think carrying a GPS is practical in the canyon, think again. You should rely on one of the guides that lead tours in Grand Canyon areas.

Tours in Grand Canyon: The Major Sites

The Grand Canyon is made up of several major areas in the north of Arizona. These areas include the following sections:

  • Grand Canyon National Park- the South Rim
  • Grand Canyon National Park- the North Rim
  • The Havasupai Indian Tribal Park
  • The Grand Canyon West- situated on the Hualapai Indian Reservation

Searching for a Grand Canyon Site by GPS

If you carry a GPS, mapping these areas can prove to be difficult. As direct mail service still does not extend to these sites, any information you receive on Google or MapQuest may be inaccurate. To find these areas on a GPS device, do the following:

  • For the South Rim: Use the locator code that pertains to the Grand Canyon National Park, which is GCN. The park is located due north a short distance (5 miles) from the airport. Therefore, it is easier to find the park when using this technique.
  • For the North Rim: Use the reference point, Jacob Lake, Arizona. The North Rim lies due south (about 50 miles) from Jacob Lake.
  • For Grand Canyon West: Use the reference point, Meadview, Arizona, as this part of the Grand Canyon sits 15 miles east of this location.
  • For the Havasupai Reservation: No road access is open into the area. Therefore, you cannot find a locator code or reference point for this part of the Grand Canyon.

With that said, you simply cannot depend entirely on a GPS or similar navigational tool when you drive through the Grand Canyon. Because the area’s road information is unsubstantiated, you may inadvertently find yourself routed on a road that is unpaved or impassable in bad weather.

Also note that most rental car companies cannot cover damages sustained when taking a vehicle off the road in the Grand Canyon or other natural area.

Downloading An App

With that said, you may be better off downloading an app while navigating the park. You can get the best of both worlds, navigation and mapping, when using an app. You can also download software development kits to assist you in referencing locations.

Navigational Features

Some of the Features

These software development kits feature the following amenities:

  • 2D and 3D vector maps
  • Car routing online
  • Pedestrian routing (hybrid, offline, and online)
  • Geocoding online
  • Online place search
  • Real time traffic data on a map
  • Navigation while walking
  • Online/office (hybrid) mapping
  • Car routing online
  • Truck routing
  • Speed pattern histories
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Traffic information
  • Customization of maps

Again, the Grand Canyon is a remote area. Therefore, even today’s technology can only go so far. That is why you need to survey the types of navigational tools that are featured for download, including GPS products.

Staying Safe While Visiting the Canyon

When people get lost in the canyon and die, it is because their brain shuts down, or they have not psychologically prepared themselves. Here is a case in point –

Navigating the Trails

According to one park ranger, when hikers die of dehydration and exposure, it usually happens in the same places and the same errors occur. Only the names change when these events happen. Usually, a hiker is navigating a trail during the summer, runs out of water, and panics when he or she makes the discovery.

One Case in Point

A lack of knowledge of the terrain leads to tragedy. For instance, one hiker died on the Tonto Trail in June 1999, succumbing to heat exposure. The hiker had not consulted a map to find the nearest source of water. By looking at a map, she would have known that the Boucher Creek drainage was nearby. Instead, she chose to travel a much farther distance to Hermit Creek and die less than a mile from the water source.

The whole idea of outsmarting the heat in the Grand Canyon is to use care and rely on guides for tours in the Grand Canyon area. Not only should you understand the mapping situation in the canyon, you should go with a guide to play it extra safe. By , you can learn interesting facts about the canyon and stay safe at the same time.

Guides help tourists, as they can also alert them when to stop if they see any signs of exhaustion. For instance, heat exhaustion symptoms can appear suddenly. They may include ailments, such as nausea, vomiting, or confusion. When you are traveling with a guide or group, you can seek and rest in the shade, rehydrate, or cool your clothing with water.

Watching For Falling Rocks

GPS devices or navigational apps will not tell you about surrounding dangers, such as falling rocks. By going with a guide, you can avoid these kinds of incidents. After all, it does not take a large rock to cause a serious injury. If you get caught in a monsoon rain, you will find there is a high possibility for rock fall. Don’t take unnecessary chances. Go to the Grand Canyon and find your way around the area with a knowledgeable and reliable guide.

A guide knows the most dangerous areas in the park which is something a GPS device or navigational app cannot convey. The above-mentioned Tonto Trail is one of these areas. The lengthy trail is shadeless, and therefore dangerous to walk on hot and sunny days. Many of the fatalities happen away from the canyon’s central corridor. That is why using the services of a guide is an important safeguard when enjoying any of the tours in Grand Canyon locations.

Proceed with caution and you will love your trip to the canyon. Prepare yourself and use the services of a guide to stay safe. Make your canyon adventure one that is as positive as it is interesting.

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