Grand Canyon Is A Place All Americans Should See Says Grand Canyon Destinations

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Grand Canyon National Park has a long history behind its marvelous eye-catching beauty. Teddy Roosevelt thought it was a place that all citizens of America should see. Make plans to see this iconic wonder and see for yourself what the former president was referring to. Grand Canyon Destinations provides tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) October 7th, 2019

A Protected National Park

President Teddy Roosevelt said that the Grand Canyon is a place all Americans should see. On February 26, 1919, Congress supported Roosevelt’s sentiment by making the canyon in Arizona a national park.
That was after Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912.
The History of Grand Canyon Discovery
Just like the canyon itself, the history of the chasm runs deep. The canyon, which is 277 miles long, was first settled by humans about 12,000 years ago. By the 1500s, some Spanish explorers had passed through the area. John Wesley Power, a one-armed veteran of the Civil War, visited the Grand Canyon in May of 1869. He would eventually become the administrative head of the well-known US Geological Survey.
Gaining Notoriety for the Canyon

Wesley led nine men on a boating journey down the Colorado River. His report of his experiences during that trip would later cement the Grand Canyon as a major icon and natural wonder of the U.S. Currently, the Grand Canyon attracts about 6 million visitors per year, which makes it the second most visited national park in the U.S. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park ranks first.
If you want to see this amazing spectacle, set your sights for planning a trip by bus through a tour company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Become one of the visitors that take regular tours in Grand Canyon National Park. You can conveniently schedule a trip from Las Vegas- the hub for Grand Canyon Destinations.
The Formation of the Grand Canyon

The foundation was laid for the Grand Canyon approximately one billion years ago. About 1.72 billion years ago. basement rocks formed deep under the Vishnu Mountains. Erosion created a flat surface over the peaks where a Supergroup of new rock layers was established.
Before then, about two billion years ago, two of the earth’s plates collided – forming the basement
rocks, 1.84 billion years old, that are known as Elves Chasm gneiss – the oldest known rocks in the
canyon. They are identified by their dark colors and location.
Mystery in the Canyon

The Grand Canyon’s history is a mystery between the period of 1.75 billion and 1.25 billion years ago. The erosion swept away rocks from view, much like the wind rips away the leaves on a tree. The story does not continue until between 1.25 billion and 730 million years ago, when the Canyon Supergroup emerged.
Drifting sediment settled to the bottom of the sea and hardened, developing layers that include 1.25 billion-year-old limestone along with algae. The algae are the earliest recording of life in the Grand Canyon. As you can see, history indeed does run deep in the canyon.
Book Your Grand Canyon Adventure Today

When you schedule a trip with Grand Canyon Destinations you will get to learn all about the history, formation, and interesting stories surrounding the Grand Canyon. You can visit the Trail of Time- an exhibit that will also take you back in geological time. President Teddy Roosevelt was right. No American should miss the opportunity to see this natural masterpiece. Book one of the tours in Grand Canyon National Park today.

About Grand Canyon Destinations

Grand Canyon Destinations is family-owned, offering authentic local experiences at affordable pricing. We provide a lens into the Southwest that’s unlike any landmark excursion you’ve experienced before. We are the only Las Vegas-based bus tour company that does not use a check-in terminal. This allows for you to utilize our direct pickup system straight from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. Convenient right?
We know that we provide the best Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas because of our commitment to our guests. We have convenient hotel pickups as well as included stops along your trip for food and restroom breaks. Join us to witness the wonder of the Grand Canyon. With a tour company who cares about you, you will have a great experience from start to finish.

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