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Gravis Marketing Public Opinion Poll: The State of Florida, Governor and Marijuana Initiative…

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Results indicate a modest majority of support for the medical marijuana amendment. In the Governor’s Gravis Marketing conducted a public opinion poll, using automated IV

Orlando, Florida (PRUnderground) February 6th, 2014


Gravis Marketing conducted a random survey of 808 registered voters in Florida by automated call between 1/30/14 and 1/31/14 regarding support for the proposed Constitutional Amendment legalizing medical marijuana on the set for the November 2014 ballot and the upcoming Gubernatorial and Attorney General Elections. The results have a margin of error of ±4. Full results available at

Results indicate a modest majority of support for the medical marijuana amendment. In the Governor’s race Charlie Crist and Rick Scott remains relatively close. In addition, the race for the Attorney General’s seat will likely be a three-way contest with Bondi holding a cushion over Thurston and Sheldon with a significant amount of unsure voters who could potentially tighten up the race.

Highlights from the survey include:

Medical Marijuana

• 57% of the surveyed voters, indicated general support for the Medical Marijuana Amendment while 31% expressed opposition and 11% indicated they were unsure of their position.

• This general support for the amendment was significantly affected when voters were asked to consider that the production and sale of marijuana would be considered a violation of federal law with 54% indicating opposition 27% in support and 19% expressing uncertainty.

• When voters were surveyed on the medical marijuana should be made available for minor conditions only 46% indicated support, this support shrunk even more significantly when polled on whether children should be prescribed medical marijuana only 26% showed support. Similarly when polled regarding the potential for medical marijuana to be administered by caregivers with substance abuse issues or previous criminal convictions only 25% showed support for the amendment.


• Respondents revealed that the race between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott remains relatively close with 47% of polled voters stating that if the election were held today that they would vote for Charlie Crist and 43% stating they would cast their vote for Rick Scott.

Attorney General

• Voters indicated that if the election for Attorney general were held today, 45% would vote for Pam Bondi, while 36% stated they would vote for Perry Thurston.

• With George Sheldon added to the questionnaire in pace of Perry Thurston Bondi’s support only diminished to 44% while 36% of voters expressed support for George Sheldon.

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