Green Crete Can Help Construction Industry Move Towards Sustainability: Himansh Verma

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Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. (NGCIPL) is one of the six verticals of the Navrattan Group of Companies. The business group is involved in innovating and acquiring Intellectual Property Rights from all over the world.

Mumbai (PRUnderground) November 15th, 2019

Green Crete is the word we have heard for long, but the question is always raised that how many construction industries in India are going on the right path of sustainability. As the business keeps on extending and the world’s stockpile of non-inexhaustible assets gradually become rarer and increasingly costly, green development turns out to be more than an ecologically friendly alternative: It turns into a fundamental advancement by the way we live our lives. Taking into this consideration, finally, eco-friendly products are launched in the market, and many companies are stepping ahead towards greener development.

Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. (NGCIPL) is a venture of Navrattan Group, a business group involved in sustainable green technologies. The company is soon launching the Navrattan Green Crete in the world markets. Himansh Verma Chairman of the Group said, “Green development isn’t a typical term among homebuyers; be that as it may, it is a dynamic idea in private just as a business area. Green Crete, environmentally-friendly buildings can be constructed, and this will bring a revolution in the cement industry. This Green Crete uses less energy, water, and other non-renewable resources making the Crete non-polluting cement alternative.”

The Navrattan Green Crete is a product made by utilizing waste materials and combining them with NGCIPL’s innovative formula. The Crete is free from the use of limestone, thus avoiding the baking and burning process. It also does not use any fossil fuels; hence, it is safe to say that Navrattan Green Crete is a completely non-polluting eco-friendly Crete that is here to stay and holds power to change the face of cement industry all over the world. The Green Crete has higher compressive and tensile strength than the OPC and is fireproof, waterproof and has a low coefficient of expansion, making it perfect for use in tropical and freezing temperatures. The complete manufacturing process is ‘Green’ and emits no carbon into the atmosphere. It is a sustainable solution to our present construction problems.

Navrattan Group, till now, it has created and developed over 60 IPRs. All the innovations under the Group are ‘Green’ and sustainable science & technological innovations. Not only this, but Navrattan Group’s vision and mission is spread across various industries, namely Basalt Mining, Waste Management, Construction, Green Energy Generation, Transportation, Infrastructure, Science & Technology, Agriculture and Healthcare. The business group today stands strong over six verticals; Navrattan Holdings Ltd., Navrattan USA Inc., Navrattan Green Power Corporation Ltd., Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd., Navrattan Science & Technology KFT, and Navrattan Infra Pvt. Ltd.

This is the high time when the construction industry needs to put faith in this new age product as it will help to retain sustainability and will provide the populace with greener and eco-friendly results. But ultimately, when Green Crete will be adopted on a large scale, then it is going to have many promoters.

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Navrattan Group of companies is a global enterprise comprising over Six independently operating verticals. Group is actively involved in developing and acquiring Intellectual Property rights of various science and technology from all over the world.

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