Greenwich Asia, A Prominent Wealth Management Firm Assisting People and Businesses Plan Ahead.

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Greenwich Asia is Trusted by Clients for their Unbiased & Independent financial advise since 2006

Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (PRUnderground) July 25th, 2018

Greenwich Asia, a renowned independent wealth management firm based in Hong Kong is assisting people plan their financial future.

Greenwich Asia provides comprehensive, long-term investment advice to their valued clients. They are more focused towards satisfying the needs and wants of customers thereby promoting the growth of their business establishments on behalf of the potential investors. The primary objective of Greenwich Asia is to develop value of the stakeholders via consistent research and results. It does require persistent focus towards learning of upcoming market trends as well as historical facts.

Greenwich Asia implements a unique but simple strategy that just works. Clients can expect one-on-one delivery of information and personal attention to their portfolio and life planning needs. Since the founding in 2006, it has been their mission to deliver unbiased and independent advice, while building client loyalty through trust, integrity and unsurpassed service. It is one of the major reasons, which makes Greenwich Asia stand out from the crowd.

The internal teams of Greenwich Asia are highly skilled professionals who have gained many years expertise in the field of wealth management and financial planning. The team has excellent academic backgrounds and enviable track records. The majority of their staff has bagged the prestigious title of Chartered Financial Analyst or in short CFA.

The main goal of Greenwich Asia is to accomplish for their clients, exactly what had been set out from the start. The wealth management solutions supplied to their clients are fully tailored and suited to individual requirements. In addition, they offer necessary help to their valued clients to make sure they remain safe and financially secured through risk control, diversification and careful portfolio construction.

Simon Winters, the Vice Principal of Greenwich Asia has proven dedication and skill, helping him to get nominations for a prestigious award and is tipped to win ‘Advisor of the year 2018’ held in Hong Kong. In the last 3 months alone Simon himself has managed to achieve 35% into Lexicon and believes there is plenty more growth to be had. Head Principal of Greenwich Asia, John Patrick Bishop stated, “Simon Winters has a special ability to predict long-term growth. His ability to foresee growth in low risk investments is nothing short of pure brilliance. He has a proven track record in the field of bio pharmaceutical industries and an educated advantage in this sector which allows him to even out perform the out performers! We are blessed to have him as part of the team.

Simon Winters is also organizing a seminar related to diabetes prevention and awareness in Australia in November 2018. The seminar will have many speakers throughout each day talking about various different business sectors and where they see the market over the coming few years.  The 4 dates and major venues across Sydney and Perth will be published on within the next few weeks. Simon says that “All of my personal commission accumulated off the back of the seminar will be automatically hand over to the National Diabetes Association‘.  This is the market where he believes is the most profitable and most ethical and where a real difference can be made to both end users and investors.

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