Gregg Paladina Rallying The Community To Work Together During These Stressful Times

Industry: Education

Gregg Paladina has rallied the whole community to work in sync with each other so as to take the best possible decisions for everyone. As a leader, Gregg Paladina has ensured that every individual feels heard and validated that’ll help them contribute in a better way to the community.

Philipsburg Pennsylvania (PRUnderground) July 23rd, 2020

Gregg Paladina is the diligent superintendent of the Philipsburg – Osceola school district which requires him to lead a lot of schools, their whole administration, and the students in these schools. With everything that is going on currently in the country, pandemic being at the forefront of it all, it is hard to be a leader at any level. It is particularly difficult to be a leader in the academic field since it has been getting a lot of attention recently. The talks of schools being reopened are beginning and there are all kinds of opinions forming around it. Some feel it is best to continue with online classes, while others feel that physically sitting in a school classroom and meeting their peers would do more good for the children. People who feel the latter have been talking about the mental health aspect of the kids coming to school. Their concern is for the education of these children getting affected in the long run. This puts leaders like Gregg Paladina in charge of such decisions, in a conundrum. They need to make a decision that is in the best interest of everyone and that is a mammoth-like task to achieve.

People from different areas of the community have been doing a marvelous job of keeping situations under control. Since the administration’s office doesn’t have the resources to take care of some of the community needs, associations like the YMCA have been volunteering. Their assistance to the offices have done a lot of good for the community in general and it needs to be applauded while being acknowledged. Additionally, the office has been trying to give support to families who cannot afford broadband services for their kids’ online classes. This support might not be only in a financial sense due to lack of resources, but also in assisting the community with its morale. Everyone needs a slice of this and Gregg Paladina is very grateful to be getting it from them.

Successfully managing so many opinions, while respecting every one of them, is an art in itself. As a leader, Gregg Paladina has to keep everyone in sync and make sure all the people working for him and with him, feel validated. That is why he always focuses on encouraging the community to band together and work in sync with each other. It makes things easy for everyone instead of feeling invalidated or invaluable. When the whole community comes together, figuratively, there is nothing that cannot be achieved, while keeping things safe for everyone. That is only possible when they are headed by a competent leader like Gregg Paladina.

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