Grey Snouts Offering Scholarship for Dog Lovers

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$500 scholarship opportunity to fellow dog lovers from Grey Snouts

Santa Barbara, CA (PRUnderground) October 13th, 2020

Grey Snouts, a seller of dog wheelchairs, dog strollers, and other mobility focused pet products, is launching a $500 scholarship offering for students pursuing higher education in the United States who have had a special bond with their canine companion. 

With between 57% and 68% of homes in America having a dog or a cat according to  American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Pet Products Association (APPA) respectively, it’s clear America loves their furry friends. To that end Grey Snouts has opted to help encourage the love, companionship, and bond that pet owners and volunteers share with their four-legged friends. Grey Snouts’ Dog Lovers Scholarship is available to students studying any major, and seeks to learn “how having a dog has impacted your life for the better, taught you about love, companionship, or broadened your life socially.” The scholarship also hopes to understand how individuals are volunteering or working within their local community.

“Whether you currently have a dog or cat, volunteer with them, or just appreciate them while with friends or family – they can touch your heart and teach you life lessons when you aren’t expecting it. With this scholarship we hope to give back to pet owners who give so much love to their pets.” said Matt Koulas, co-founder of Grey Snouts.

About Grey Snouts

Grey Snouts was founded in 2020 to help provide mobility-focused products to aging and diversely-abled dogs allowing them to live life to their full potential. We believe all dogs deserve to live their best life and we are committed to selling products that help them and their owners thrive. Grey Snouts provide dog wheelchairs, dog strollers, and ramps and other mobility-focused products helping dogs with various age-related, genetic, injury-related issues.

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