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GSI Exchange Says Current Gold/Silver Ratio Indicates Fertile Grounds for Trading Gold for Silver

Industry: Finance

Precious metals speculators are being advised to trade gold for silver due to historically high gold/silver ratios

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA (PRUnderground) March 14th, 2016

According to the team at GSI Exchange, now is the time to trade gold for silver. The gold/silver ratio measures how many ounces of silver it takes to equal an ounce of gold, priced in US dollars.

“The gold/silver ratio has peaked over 70/1 only a few times in history,” said Anthony Allen Anderson, Senior Partner at GSI Exchange. “Just before World War II, the Gulf War, The Crash of 1987, The Dot-Com bust in the late 90s, and most notably, before the 2008 financial crisis. Now, we’re seeing another major peak, and it’s not normal.”

Typically, the gold/silver ratio rises notably during times of crisis or economic slowdown, and at this time, it stands near 82/1. This ratio was last seen before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and is a strong indicator that something is wrong.

A review of U.S. manufacturing data shows the nation is in recession, and default rates are currently on the rise. The growing number of corporate defaults are causing bank stock prices to slide for the year.

“Currently governments and central banks appear to be deceiving people into thinking their country is wealthy, but the truth is otherwise,” said Anderson. “What we’ve come to find is that these deceptive practices destroy financial systems, in fact we could see the gold/silver ratio go even higher.”

With the same respect, GSI Exchange expects the ratio to drop to the modern historical average of around 45/1. “This would allow those who purchase silver now to convert into more gold later,” said Anderson. “Past performance doesn’t indicate the future, but the last time we saw the market this far out of balance was in ‘08, and by 2011 the ratio fell to 31/1. Savvy investors within the 3 year window were able to double their gold holdings without spending any additional monies simply because of this imbalance.”

The GSI Exchange team walks customers through seamless gold and silver purchasing and IRA investment options, specializing in wholesale direct sales nationwide. A recently released video explains more about services from GSI Exchange. More information can be found at

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