GT Medical Technologies Announces Four Clinical Abstracts at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting Related to GammaTile® Therapy for Brain Tumors

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New Data Spotlights Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) That Provides Immediate, Precise Radiation Treatment at the Time of Tumor Removal

Tempe, AZ (PRUnderground) June 4th, 2021

GT Medical Technologies, Inc. today announced that four clinical abstracts related to the company’s breakthrough GammaTile® Therapy for patients with brain tumors have been selected for presentations in the Central Nervous System Tumors track at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting to be held June 4-8, 2021. The presenting authors will discuss new data on outcomes in patients with recurrent glioblastoma (GBM), a trial evaluating GammaTile versus the standard of care in large brain metastases, a study monitoring real-world clinical outcomes, and access to care for patients with aggressive brain tumors.

“We are excited to share with the oncology community updated clinical data and ongoing clinical trials highlighting how GammaTile Therapy is giving patients new hope in the fight against brain tumors,” said Matthew Likens, president and CEO of GT Medical Technologies, Inc. “These data further support our commitment to improving the standard of care for patients with newly diagnosed malignant and recurrent brain tumors.”

The ASCO 2021 Annual Meeting abstracts are available in the ASCO Meeting Library. Abstracts related to GammaTile Therapy include:

  • Abstract title: Resection and surgically targeted radiation therapy for locally recurrent GBM.

Abstract number: 2054

Presenting author: David Brachman, MD, GT Medical Technologies

Recurrent GBM is a diffuse disease and resection alone does not provide durable local control or prolong overall survival. We prospectively evaluated resection combined with a novel targeted radiation therapy (STaRT) device utilizing Cs-131 embedded in bioresorbable collagen tiles.

  • Abstract title: A phase III multicenter randomized controlled trial of postsurgical stereotactic radiotherapy versus Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) for the treatment of large (>2.5cm) newly diagnosed brain metastases: Trial in progress.

Abstract number: TPS2067

Presenting author: Jeffrey Weinberg, MD, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Resection followed by single or multi-fraction stereotactic radiosurgery of brain metastases lowers resection bed recurrence compared to resection alone. Nevertheless, for larger (>2.5cm) brain metastasis, 12-month recurrence rates after resection plus multi-fraction stereotactic radiosurgery can exceed 20–30%. Aiming to improve outcomes, a permanently implanted collagen tile brachytherapy device (GammaTile) utilizing Cs-131 seeds embedded within a bioresorbable collagen tile was developed and is described as Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) to distinguish it from external beam radiation therapy. It is hypothesized that immediate adjuvant radiotherapy (RT) and/or RT dose intensification could improve outcomes.

  • Abstract title: A multicenter observational study of Cs-131 seeds embedded in a collagen carrier tile in intracranial brain neoplasms: Trial in progress.

Abstract number: TPS2073

Presenting author: Stuart Lee, MD, Vidant Health

Brachytherapy is an efficacious means for radiation delivery in the treatment of a spectrum of central nervous system tumors. Traditional brachytherapy methods have been limited by uneven dose distribution, complicated workflow, extended procedural times, the cost of dedicated equipment, and frequent adverse events. To address these issues, a permanently implanted device with Cs-131 radiation seeds embedded in a bioresorbable collagen carrier tile was developed (GammaTile). The overarching primary objectives of this multicenter, prospective, observational (phase IV) registry study are to evaluate “real-world” clinical outcomes and patient reported outcomes that measure the safety and efficacy of STaRT using the GammaTile device.

  • Abstract title: Access to radiation oncology centers with brain tumor treatment expertise for patients with resectable brain tumors.

Online abstract number: e18509

Presenting author: Mehee Choi, MD, GT Medical Technologies

Many patients with brain tumors face challenges with access to care. For rural patients, prolonged travel times may limit access to appropriate radiotherapy. Radiation centers offering specialized brain radiotherapy are geographically limited. Utilization of brain brachytherapy at the time of resection offers an option for such patients, but technical challenges have limited the adoption. To address the limitations of traditional brachytherapy, a device with Cs-131 seeds embedded in a bioresorbable collagen tile was developed (GammaTile). To investigate if wider availability of this treatment could possibly lower the geographic barrier to access to care, we mapped the U.S. population against existing radiation centers with brain tumor expertise and neurosurgery centers performing craniotomies.

About GT Medical Technologies

Driven to overcome the limitations of current treatments for brain tumors and raise the standard of care, a team of brain tumor specialists joined forces and formed GT Medical Technologies with the purpose of improving the lives of patients with brain tumors. Its GammaTile Therapy received FDA 510(k) regulatory clearance for the treatment of all types of recurrent brain tumors and newly diagnosed malignant tumors. Patients receive their course of radiation while going about their daily lives, requiring no additional trips to the hospital or clinic for radiation therapy. GammaTile is available in top brain tumor centers across the United States. For more information or to find a GammaTile center near you, visit and follow @GTMedTech on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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