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Houston, TX (PRUnderground) November 5th, 2019

The newest market in the world of finance, is the melding of traditional Western banking services with those that are Shariah compliant. This is burgeoning market that bankers and financiers are quickly becoming aware of. Where does one go to ascertain what is, and what is not, Shariah compliant? The simple answer is to go to an Islamic scholar or to an institution of higher learning that specializes in Islamic Finance. Guidance College is just such a place.  Guidance College offers two-year, four-year, and advanced degrees; and is the only Islamic College in the United States that offers a Master’s in Islamic Economics and Finance.  This program is a hot topic and center of attention at the social media water cooler. 

The program can be completed entirely online with live classes that are offered in the late afternoon and early evenings.  Topics covered are banking, investments, trade, capital markets, risk management, contracts and corporate funding. Busy executives and those just entering the finance market can attend classes while maintaining their day jobs. Students access the classroom virtually and are able to interact with their professors and peers, just as if they were in brick and mortar classroom.

The Master’s in Islamic Economics and Finance is a two-year program that can be taken in one-year increments. For those who do not have the bandwidth to complete two years, the first year (18 credit hours) will yield a Post Baccalaureate Certificate of Islamic Finance Professional. Although not a Master’s, this certification is still a noteworthy addition to any resume or CV.

The cost for the program is not prohibitive; at $125.00 a credit—classes are three credits per class, Guidance College offers excellent pricing. For the young professional just entering the job market who wants to boost their marketability, financial aid and scholarships are available.

A Masters in Islamic Economics and Finance is not just for those in the banking industry. The basic requirement for registration is a Bachelor’s degree. So, for those looking to change industries or careers, Guidance College offers the perfect choice. With over three million Muslims in the United States, who struggle to ensure that they are using Shariah compliant financial services, Guidance College’s program is ground breaking.

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Guidance College’s mission is to promote the dissemination of authentic Islamic knowledge along with the history and language that underpins it. Preserve Islamic knowledge in its classical and traditional format while also promoting critical thinking and research on current global issues are inherent in Guidance College’s mission.

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