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Choosing the best cutlery for your uses is one of the most important things you can do for your cooking skills. For home cooks, too, having the right set of knives can make a world of difference in your cooking. Certain knives are suited for certain types of tasks, and if you're using the correct knife, you'll find cooking easier and more pleasurable.

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When it comes to tools of the kitchen, most professional chefs will say that a good knife is essential to having success in your cooking. We at Gunter Wilhelm put together some simple tips for choosing a the best kitchen knife and keeping it in the best condition possible.

Choosing the best cutlery for your uses is one of the most important things you can do for your cooking skills. For home cooks, too, having the right set of knives can make a world of difference in your cooking. Certain knives are suited for certain types of tasks, and if you’re using the correct knife, you’ll find cooking easier and more pleasurable.

The three knives you are likely to use the most are:

If you do decide to invest in a new knife or knife set, it can be quite overwhelming with the amount of choices on the market.

The first knife any home cook should own is a ‘chef’s knife’. This kitchen prime was originally designed to slice, and joint big portions of beef.  Most chefs knives will have a blade of about 8 inches but depending on the size of your hands or what you tend to be chopping you may want to have a look for another length. (you can find variety from 6, 8 or 10 inches or up to 14 inches).

You will also want to look at style which tend to fall into three categories: French, German and Japanese. The French and German styles are quite similar with the German being ​more deeply curved along the whole blade and the French style having a straighter edge which only curves towards the tip. Japanese knives (and particularly the Santoku style) have a slightly different shape, including what is known as a ‘sheep’s foot tip’, and they also tend to be a fair bit lighter than the more robust European styles. Whichever style you feel more comfortable with should be the one you go for as there is not a clear winner between the west versus east knife battle.
Paring or Utility Knife: A small, 3 or 5-inch knife is ideal for finer kitchen tasks, like cutting small vegetables and fruits, mincing herbs, trimming fat from a piece of meat or slicing a wedge of hard cheese. If you find the tiny paring knives too short, the slightly longer utility knives will give you even more versatility.

serrated Bread Knife: A long (8 or 10 inches) serrated knife is important for slicing bread, slicing roasts and cutting very soft fruits and vegetables like tomatoes. This is one knife that you can save money on, buying an inexpensive version since many serrated knives do not need re-sharpen.

There are many other knife shapes, some of which are quite specialized. As you learn about cutlery shapes you can determine whether certain shapes would be useful and gradually add them as needed.

This Knife sets by Gunter Wilhelm consist of high-quality knives that are engineered for daily use. Made from high quality German Steel. This sets will cover all cutting techniques including slicing, dicing shredding and more.

Set of 7 Piece knife set

Consisting of 5 different blade and types blades, this set of knives features durable German Steel that are sharp and balanced. This knife set contain 8″ Bread Knife, 7″ Santoku, Paring Knife, 8″ Carving Knife , Poultry Shears,  8″ Honing Steel, Wood Block with Support Bar, each knife comes with triple tang handle for a secure, comfortable grip and enhanced balance and control.

9 Piece Essential Kitchen Knife Set

Lightning ProCut Cutlery Knife Set: Gunter Wilhelm® knife is designed for the professional chef and passionate home cook. Made in Germany from premium high carbon steel and manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies the Lightning ProCut knife delivers superior cutting characteristics. Gunter Wilhelm® innovative inner full tang design and antibacterial textured handle materials introduces a well-balanced blade with a beautiful look.

9 Piece Cutlery Knife Set

This knife set is ideal for the advanced home cook who would like to cook and seeks a top rated quality high value cutlery knife set. Light, and wickedly sharp, these high-quality knives have a superior edge retention and will elevate your cooking experience offering high-end Japanese cutting capabilities (10-15 edge) while durable and easy to maintain like high-end German knives.

Using a good quality knife and getting the skills down are some of the best ways to make your meal prep take much less time but it will take practice. Our best advice? Have a go at making a stir-fry with loads of different veggies that you can practice slicing and dicing and then throw in some of our ​Lemon, Ginger and Chilli Chicken Breast Strips and some cooked noodles and you’ll be well on your way to great knife skills (and have a super tasty meal to boot!).

About Gunter Wilhelm

Incorporated in 2002, Gunter Wilhelm is accepted and recognized by professional chefs, celebrities and home cooks as an innovative and remarkable cutlery and cookware brand, combining high quality, advanced features and superior performance.

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