Gya Labs Welcomes Sweater Season with Warming Essential Oils

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Stay warm and toasty during the colder months with warming and comforting Gya Labs Essential Oils. Whether you’re looking forward to the bright, white and cooling comfort of winter, or worried about the drop in temperature and reduced daylight hours, essential oils have a myriad of benefits that can help you beat the winter blues and have better snow days to come.

Dover, DA (PRUnderground) October 18th, 2021

During the winter months, people are more susceptible to feeling low and experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to spending more time indoors and getting less natural light than the body needs. Circadian rhythm changes can lead to disrupted sleep patterns, hormonal imbalances and compromised immune functions. Many of us are left feeling out of sorts and maybe a little miserable. A simple yet effective way of easing these ailments is with essential oils.

To awaken dulled senses during days of gloomy weather, Cardamom and Ginger Essential Oil by Gya Labs are both mood uplifting and energizing for people who suffer from lethargy. The warm, spicy and sweet aroma of Cardamom Oil in the air is especially a treat on cold nights to soothe and ground the mind while transporting the senses to somewhere sunnier and exotic. Meanwhile, the sharp, spicy and earthy aroma of Ginger Oil helps bid goodbye to feelings of weakness and stagnation that are holding you back. 

Being indoors for long periods without proper ventilation can significantly increase the number of viruses and bacteria trapped in the air. Our bodies being exposed to the cold weather leave our immune functions weak and especially susceptible to germs. Luckily, an essential oil that’s supportive to the immune system is warm and smoky Black Pepper Essential Oil by Gya Labs. However, for flus, cold-like symptoms and congestion, try out minty, herbaceous and spicy Gya Labs Marjoram Essential Oil. Take a whiff directly from the bottle and enjoy the health-boosting benefits instantly. 

For bodies that are aching and stiff from the lack of sleep and the cold temperatures, there’s Gya Labs Myrrh Essential Oil. Try adding a few drops in a massage or a hot essential oil bath to enjoy aromatherapy conveniently during the cold winter months. As well as being warming, Myrrh Oil is also calming and promotes better sleep to get the circadian rhythms back on track. Just remember to use a carrier oil before applying essential oils to the skin for extra safety.


Essential Oils can provide comfort, especially during colder months, not only because of their soothing aromas but also for their immune-boosting properties that many are well known to have, which can help in facilitating recovery from common winter ailments, aches and general coldness from the elements. The winter season can be a beautiful time, but it may also cause problems. Nonetheless, simple self-care acts can play a role in keeping the mind and body happy, and healthy.

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