H2O Capsule: A water bottle that holds phone, cards and keys

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Canada (PRUnderground) June 19th, 2019

Going to the gym just became a whole lot stylish and easier with the innovative H2O Capsule water bottle cum storage container.

A common gym scenario would begin with the general dilemma of figuring out where to place personal belongings. Of course, the germ-ridden floor is not the stellar option, yet, it seems to be the only one. Not any more! H20 capsule has launched a revolutionary water bottle that solves two gym related issues- hydration and storage with great style and convenience. It is the water bottle of today, a water bottle that motivates gym lovers to work hard and become the best versions of themselves without being distracted by their belongings.

The one-of-a-kind water bottle allows people to work out while keeping their personal items such as phones, keys, and cards with them. The H2O Capsule offers a smart and convenient solution with its meticulous multifunctionality. The storage sleeve is a unique feature that makes the water bottle stand out from other options available to customers. Another highlight of the product is its unparalleled quality. Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan, the water bottle ensures to provide users with much-needed hydration without compromising their health as the manufacturing process does not involve the use of any kind of harmful toxins. The water bottle is leak-proof and comes with a 4mm thick insulation, making sure that users can enjoy their drinks, hot or cold, as per their personal preferences. The wide flip top drinking cap with a 2.2” mouth makes it easy to slip ice cubes into the water bottle that allows buyers to enjoy a nice and cold refreshing drink right after their training sessions. Adding to the convenience promised by the product, the H2O Capsule is also dishwasher safe. Since the product is designed with care and made using the safest of materials, it also proves to be an environmentally conscious choice as it is safe and sustainable for the environment, making it a proud choice for customers.

The sleek design and the promising quality of this two-in-one product make it a stylish, hygienic and profitable choice, that is well-suited to the lifestyle demands of gym goers. Interestingly, the water bottle with a capacity of 64 oz also comes with a 12-month warranty-making it yet again a very attractive deal. The storage sleeve is presently available in 3 colors-white, black, and rose quartz. The sleeve can be customized as per preference and outfits to create a noticeable and fashionable step towards a healthy lifestyle with vogue. Support this unique, versatile and aesthetically charming product today and enjoy 38% off early bird discount for the first 500 backers. To support H2O capsule, visit their official campaign page.

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