HailBytes Presents New On Demand Security Infrastructure So Businesses Can Monitor Their Human Risk

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Backed by the power of Amazon Web Services, today we're bringing easy-to-use, affordable monitoring servers without long contracts so your business can monitor human risk.

Laurel, MD (PRUnderground) January 27th, 2020

You can deploy our new human risk monitoring infrastructure with 1 click.

It’s loaded with cutting-edge secured human risk monitoring software under your complete control.

That means it’s easier than ever to run human risk audit campaigns within your organization.

That means you can find out who needs your help to better understand how to manage their risky behavior.

Our clients often struggle with the fallout from social engineering attacks. New clients tell us horror stories every week.

$70,000 sent to a fraudster. Thousands of photos stolen from a plastic surgeon and used to ransom his clients. An employee sharing HIPAA information to a public Google Drive leading to huge fines.

With our new solution, your monitoring program can be up and running within your business in minutes.

You can see who in your organization is at risk for these types of attacks.

You can even check how susceptible you are to common risks like ransomware.

“The small businesses that make our country so great are getting smashed by cybercrime. Security companies neglect them in favor of enterprise companies that can pay more.

We provide easy access to the cutting edge tech and training used by enterprises. Without the complex pricing or the unfair contracts.” – David McHale, Principal, HailBytes

Getting started is as simple as clicking a button to deploy your new server… Pointing it to your email server… And sending your first monitoring campaign.

You can make your own email or use one of our templates, inspired by successful real-world attacks.

We’re happy to walk you through this process from beginning to end and you can perform the setup in a few minutes.

“I didn’t know what business email compromise was. Then I lost two weeks of payroll to fraud, and David helped me understand what happened.  He showed me how I could manage the risks. And he showed me the tools to make sure my team understood too!”

Click here to get started with your free 7 day trial of our new human risk monitoring infrastructure.

Enter your contact info to get started.

We’ll help guide you through setting up a human risk monitoring program for your business.

Plus we’ll answer any questions you have along the way.

About HailBytes

HailBytes is a leading provider of innovative cloud solutions, leveraging the potential of the cloud. HailBytes focuses on simplicity, performance, and security. Through this, they empower developers and organizations to achieve their goals more efficiently. Learn more at https://www.hailbytes.com.

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