Hanogram Reveals Its Signature Collection of Unique and Personalized Accessories for iPhones

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Provide everyone with the opportunity to express their individuality, character and personal style.

Hong Kong (PRUnderground) June 12th, 2019

Hanogram, a leading online retailer of mobile accessories, is proud to announce the release of its highly anticipated collection of unique and personalized accessories for iPhone users. With a solid reputation in the industry, the company is yet to surprise its customers once again with an extensive range of trendsetting mobile phone accessories. Hanogram’s mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to express their individuality, character and personal style.

Topnotch Design, Beauty and Functionality

With over 100 000 mobile accessories sold worldwide, Hanogram is no doubt one of the leading online retailers in the mobile accessory industry today. This achievement can be credited to the company’s goal of providing products with the highest quality, full functionality, and total flexibility when it comes to the design.

Leading the concept department are global expert designers who have gained extensive experience and knowledge of the target audience. Upon performing market analysis and experimentation, Hanogram’s creative team came up with the idea of injecting extra functionality and individuality into mobile devices. The concept of creating and providing personalized mobile phone accessories was born, and the company began to leave its footprint in the industry.

To ensure that every product that will come out in the market will appeal to customers from all walks of life, the designers had taken into consideration three of the essential elements. First, they released a signature collection that can easily represent a user’s unique style and personality. The stunning beauty of the originals as they meet the crystal & limpid tempered glass allowed the users to determine the real meaning of art. Since then, the company had experimented in incorporating handcrafted designs which can easily evoke an emotional connection to the mobile user.

Since iPhones are considered as a valuable investment, Hanogram strived to create highly protective accessories. The handcrafted phone cases come with anti-scratch and anti-impact features. What makes Hanogram’s design a perfect work of art is the ability of the phone cases to provide multiple layers of protection while still keeping the relatively sleek visual appeal.

Hanogram’s Newest Collection to Watch Out

Still sticking to the company’s mission of providing users with the most personal experience possible, Hanogram proudly presents the Monograms collection. iPhone users are being encouraged to use their creative imaginations. The new line allows customers to make impressive designs for their personal goods.

The company pulls out inspiration from people who express their satisfaction in finding phone cases that can represent their unique personalities. With excellent customer service support that keeps the engagement between users and suppliers active, Hanogram continuously receives positive feedbacks and reviews that ultimately inspire them to keep doing what they do best.

Why Hanogram

Hanogram has been in the industry for years now. Today, the company is one of the leading online retailers of stylish and trendsetting mobile accessories. Using high-quality materials and game-changing designs, the products that come out from the company’s door give the consumers the chance to express their personal style without sacrificing the overall aesthetic appeal of their mobile devices. The extensive collection gets even better as time goes by as the excellent team of designers is always on the lookout for new ideas and concepts that will satisfy the needs of varied consumers. Hanogram’s trademark phone cases and mobile accessories are available at https://www.hanogram.com/.

About Hanogram

We believe everyone has its own story. Hanogram is an innovative global brand with personalization service for all customers. Each one of our personalized accessory is uniquely made just for you.

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