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Haris Ahmed of Chicago Plans to Launch New Business Blog Site

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People who wish to succeed as business leaders can soon gain helpful advice through a new blog site by business consultant Haris Ahmed of Chicago.

Chicago, USA (PRUnderground) April 18th, 2019

Individuals who wish to become better leaders in business, can soon access top-tier advice through a brand-new blog website by business consultant Haris Ahmed of Chicago.

The blog website can be found at According to blog site creator Ahmed, the chief executive officer of Pragmatium Consulting Group as well as the chairman of Open Chicago, the microsite will be made available in April 2019, following months of beta testing.

Ahmed said it is now more important than ever to be able to adapt to change in today’s ever-evolving society. This is precisely why he created the blog site: to help people to become more comfortable with change, which is absolutely critical for today’s most successful leaders.

Ahmed said he has seen many organizations fail as a result of poor leadership, partly because company owners are unwilling to leave their comfort zones. However, if organization leaders address their issues quickly, which is possible with a consultant’s help, they can learn how to innovatively overcome their challenges and operate more efficiently.

According to Ahmed, it is especially important for the leaders of companies to remain current on the developments occurring in their industries and in the technology sector in general, as these changes can have a drastic impact on their business ventures. If they fail to keep up with these developments, their competitors may outpace them more quickly than they may have ever imagined could happen.

On the brand-new blog site, readers can access tips on how to successfully adapt to change in a number of ways in the business world. For instance, they can learn how to lead differently depending on the situation and manage their “energy” versus time, for example. They can also explore how to thrive as an entrepreneur this year and in the years ahead.

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