Harnessing the Power of Meal Prepping, Macro Tracking & Accountability – Fitness Frenzy App Launches to Show the Sustainable Way to Health

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New meal prepping app turns a macro tracker and workout journal into an accountability well-spring for fitness buffs in search of a sustainably healthy bod.

Shawano, WI (PRUnderground) January 11th, 2021

So what does a former male University of Wisconsin-Madison cheerleader have in common with meal prepping? It turns out, a lot. Combining contagious enthusiasm, progressive overload methods, tracking macros, and a new thing called Accountabilibuddies, gorgeous bodies ensue. Enter the Fitness Frenzy app.  It’s a hub that tallies food and workouts with a twist. It logs every exercise, rep, and weight to ensure users always progress by challenging themselves with readily available information. It’s also a macro calculator, meal prepper, shopping list maker, progress photo journal, habit builder, and social center. Users can slide to adjust values, swipe to dismiss, long-press to find information, double-tap to confirm, doodle, drag, and drop. Hello, fun health app.

The site’s author, Christian Kruger, said of the launch, “In my journey, I found there wasn’t a way to sustain my weight loss without some essential components. First, I needed a way to plan all my food to know what was going into my body. To do that with confidence, I had to see the smallest building blocks, uncooked, raw single ingredients, to prep meals right. Then, I wanted to take my workouts up a notch every day, so I needed a journal. All that was invaluable but, unless I shared it with someone visually and with comparable data, I may not sustain it. This app does all of this and much more.”

With a social component to beat the band, the Fitness Frenzy app offers what’s called Accountabilibuddies. These folks have opted to scan QR codes, or enter IDs, to have access to each other’s logs, and data (progress photos withheld). With this info, they can use the app to build workouts and meals for each other. Perfect for friends, families, co-workers and trainers to cheer each other on. There’s even an option to unlock virtual sprinkles to celebrate.

Fitness Frenzy is free for the first month then available for a small monthly subscription fee of $2.99 for iOS and Android devices.

For more information, visit https://fitnessfrenzy.io.


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About Christian Kruger Health LLC

Based in Shawano, Wisconsin, Christian Kruger Health LLC has developed the Fitness Frenzy app. The company’s founder obtained his computer engineering degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was a male cheerleader there for four-years.

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