Healing Your Forward Head Posture at Regan Movement

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Regan Movement is a high-end personal movement fitness studio based in New York. They've helped people of all body types, ages, and abilities improve their quality of life through customized movement-based classes and activities.

Manhattan, New York (PRUnderground) November 29th, 2022

Everyone’s upper back and neck are aching. Staring at our screens at work and home has reshaped our lives and our postures. Luckily, Regan and her team of movement and wellness professionals are here to help.

Regan Movement is a high-end fitness and wellness studio in New York that specializes in helping people heal their aches and pains. By teaching students how to find good posture in their bodies so they can find relief from pain and take back control over their bodies. Through building awareness, a series of corrective exercises, release work, and strengthening work,  the Regan Movement team helps people relieve the symptoms caused by forward head posture and more.

FHP (forward head posture) affects your physical appearance and ability to breathe correctly by straining the muscles and joints in your neck and upper back. It causes pain in the upper back and neck, shoulders and can even create headaches and migraines.

Through one-on-one in-person sessions as well as online classes, our experienced and qualified specialists are able to find the source of your pain and bad posture. How do they do it? By watching you hold your body in space and move. Seeing what’s pulling you out of alignment, where you’re holding tension, and what muscles aren’t showing up for you.

After locating the problem, our team at Regan Movement will use their experience and expertise in movement and wellness to design personalized programs for each client. Each program focuses on improving posture, alignment, and range of motion. The goal is always to help the client find long-term solutions while nourishing the body-mind connection.

Regan Movement classes blend techniques from Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, Gyrokinesis®, Breathwork, and Biomechanics to teach balance & strength in the modern body. If you don’t feel like leaving your house, we also offer online classes and sessions so you can practice in your pajamas.

Regan Movement clients can trust that they’re in good hands and that they’ll receive the best possible care. Whether they’re looking to improve flexibility, strength, or overall well-being, Regan and her team can help.

If you are interested in releasing the tension that you hold in your body, contact Regan Movement today. Visit our website: https://reganmovement.com/

Contact name: Regan Nuchereno


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Regan Movement is a pilates studio in New York with in-person and virtual classes that uses unique movement-based fitness and connects people’s bodies with their minds to improve their health.

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